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Tips for Creating a Wet Room in a Small Bathroom Space

 Tips for creating a wet room in a small bathroom and how to get your project off the ground.


a wet room in a small bathroom


A wet room in a small bathroom

Taking the concept of a designer bathroom one step further, a wet room in a small bathroom is what many homeowners aspire to when embarking upon their latest renovation project.

What makes a wet room so appealing isn’t hard to see. Clean lines, minimal décor and contemporary products give wet rooms an incredibly stylish appearance, whilst easy access and step-free showering make it an attractive proposition, especially for those who suffer with mobility issues.

Many people think that you need a massive space in which to create a wet room but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Plenty of stunning wet room designs have been created in even the smallest of bathroom spaces.



Why aren’t small wet rooms more popular?

One thing that puts many people off creating a small wet room space, is having to ditch the tub for a shower.

When the time comes to sell your property, a wet room could restrict the number of people who wish to buy (as families with children may be looking for a bath or those who prefer baths may be put off), however, it could also boost the value of your property, with a fully waterproofed, designer bathroom proving an attractive proposition.

Another factor that comes into play is the cost of fitting a wet room when compared to a normal bathroom refurbishment. Whilst designing a wet room will stretch your budget further, you can still get a good deal by shopping around for wet room kits and installers.

Many people simply can’t get their head around the notion of a shower without a tray, with the fear of water dripping through the ceiling enough to put anyone off. Again, the opposite is true—a wet room is less likely to leak due to the waterproofing measures undertaken.

Take a look around the web and you’ll find some inspirational wet room ideas. Here are 4 tips I’ve picked up along the way.



4 ways to make efficient use of space with a wet room in a small bathroom

  1. Fit glass panels

One thing that many people don’t think about when considering a wet room design is the use of a glass panel or enclosure. If you’re working with a small space, you’ll want to keep your toilet and basin area, along with any storage, dry.

This is where it pays to add a glass screen to protect from spray, whilst keeping a spacious, open plan feel. You can even add further protection with a return panel or end panel, depending on your layout.

  1. Shower area

Another way to use space efficiently is to place your shower area across the middle of your room. With no need for a fully enclosed shower cubicle, you aren’t restricted in your floor plan. You could have a toilet and basin nearest to your door, then a wall to wall shower area, and finally a bath at the far wall.





  1. Use shower curtains

Glass panels aren’t for everyone. Instead, you could add a shower curtain on a rail—this will look slightly less stylish but is far more practical.

This is particularly useful in bathrooms for disabled or elderly people, offering privacy whilst a carer is in the same room. With the number of carers in the UK set to rise to 9 million by 2037, accessible bathrooms will become an even greater necessity.


Tips for creating a wet room in a small bathroom space


  1. Make use of a recess or alcove to create A wet room in a small bathroom

If you have an unusual layout, complete with a recess or alcove, you could actually be at an advantage when it comes to planning a wet room. Instead of a shower enclosure, you could easily divide the space using a glass screen and create a separate showering area.

If you’re looking to create the perfect bathroom for you and your family, a wet room is certainly worth considering. As these tips have demonstrated, a small space certainly shouldn’t limit your creativity. If you think big, you can achieve a design that will add value to your home.



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