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Tips for getting your sofa into your new home

Tips for getting your sofa into your new home

Tips for getting your sofa into your new home

getting your new sofa into your home


Tips for getting your sofa into your new home

Did you know that, throughout an average life, 17 years of it is spent sitting on a sofa, as The Telegraph reports? It’s not actually too startling a statistic when you stop to consider the broad spectrum of ways that we tend to use sofas – including for reading, watching TV and much more…

However, if you are underway with moving home for one reason or another, how will you get a prize sofa from A to B? Here are more than a few tips for making the whole process less arduous.


How large is your sofa?

This question is imperative to answer because it has implications for where exactly in your new home it should go – or, perhaps, whether you should take it with you to the new residence at all.

For example, if you are departing a mansion for a small flat, this could pose problems, as your original sofa was probably chosen to reflect the relative opulence of your current digs. Yes, a large, sprawling sofa might look luxurious – but would you have space for it in your new home?

Even if you manage to find a room capable of physically accommodating the sofa, that piece of furniture could still leave the room looking uncomfortably cramped. It might be better for you to buy a new sofa with low – or no – arms, as it will make that space perceptibly bigger.



Into which room should your sofa go?

If you do feel strongly attached to a sofa that looks unusually large for your soon-to-be abode, you might comfort yourself with the thought that, even if the sofa is too large for one room, it could surely still fit into another. However, you could turn out to be tragically mistaken…

Let’s assume that you do manage to find a room that, in its dimensions, looks “just right” for your sofa. In that room, the sofa wouldn’t take up space needed by other decor; however, that sofa might still need to be taken past a series of access points on its way to the room.

As recommended by BT, measure each of these access points – including any doorway and stairwell. You could find that getting the sofa anywhere near its intended destination is simply impractical.



Book the right van for transportation of that sofa

After discerning a sofa’s suitability for a particular room, you will have probably measured its dimensions and even checked its weight. This is ideal information to have at your disposal as you set about trying to find the best van for the task of transporting that seating.

Naturally, the internet is a good place to start in your search – but where exactly on the internet? Try the website of Compare the Man and Van, where you can look up details about various vans available for hire. The website lists typical large long wheel van load specifications marking out this vehicle as especially suitable for carrying a sofa, as the internal load space also allows.


Tips for getting your sofa into your new home


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  1. October 23, 2018 / 9:58 am

    Hi Becky,
    I remember moving from one apartment to another and I’ve always kept my sofa, it wasn’t that big but was just so comfortable and I had lots of memories with it. Unfortunately, wear and tear is just inevitable and a growing family just have different needs.
    Great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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