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5 tips for preventing pests in your garden

Are you looking for tips for preventing pests in your garden?

We all strive to make our gardens and yards as hospitable as possible so that we can enjoy barbeques and summer afternoons with our loved ones. However, in making sure our gardens are welcoming, we rarely consider that they might also attract other types of visitors, such as groundhogs, squirrels, snakes, and so on.

So in this article, we thought we’d have a look at some common prevention methods to keep your garden pest-free.


5 tips for preventing pests in your garden


1.   Remove snacks.

In order to keep pests out of your garden, you first need to understand what’s attracting them there in the first place. Most critters, such as squirrels, are coming to your backyard and garden looking for food. This means that fallen fruit and seeds often possess an appeal that is difficult for them to resist. It’s the easy access to food that makes these pests such a common problem for property owners, so if you want pests to avoid yours, all you have to do is keep your garden clean.

Now, of course, this is easier said than done. You can’t be expected to spend every day for the rest of your life safeguarding your garden against fallen fruit. But going out to pick up the fallen fruit in the evening, before you go to bed, might just be what keeps your garden safe during the night. Most pests tend to avoid gardens in the daylight for fear of predators, but fallen fruit at night is considered fair game. You can learn more about squirrel control here.


2.   Fence it.

Fencing is often one of the best ways to keep your garden protected from pests, but of course, the type of fence you opt for will depend on the type of pest you’re most at risk of encountering. For example, you’ll want a curved fence running deep inside the earth to keep your crops safe from moles and other underground critters. For many pests, chicken wire is an efficient and inexpensive option, as it’s difficult to scale, and its tight-knit nature makes it difficult for even the more determined pests to squeeze through.


3.   Use strong scents to your advantage.

Many garden critters tend to have a sensitivity to smell, especially since some of them can have quite poor eyesight. This means that a scent that is merely unpleasant to us might be revolting for them. As a garden owner, you should use this to your advantage. By planting strongly scented plants in your garden, you discourage critters from approaching.

Some popular choices here include anise, coriander, garlic, and chives, but of course, you can alter this based on personal preference and need. This way, you’re cultivating something you might use in your cooking, but also something that might help save your crops!


4.   Opt for organic pesticides.

tips for preventing pests in your garden


If other tricks fail, you may consider investing in some high-quality pesticides, to keep your crops well-preserved. However, this isn’t always such a smart idea, because some of these pesticides can contain harmful chemicals that harm your crops, and even yourself if ingested. So if you’ve decided that repellents are your best choice, try to go for organic and safe alternatives that won’t damage your crops in the process. Learn more about pest control at wildlifetulsa.com.


5.   Be careful with your watering habits – tips for preventing pests in your garden

Another big attraction point for pests is water since all living things on this earth need water in order to survive. This is why some of them may be attracted by gardens that are being heavily watered since that might constitute easy access to water. Not only that, but it’s also a sure-fire way to kill your crops, so make sure you water appropriately!



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