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Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office

Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office – some great advice for at home workers.


Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office


Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office

Working from home has been on an upward trend for a long time, and it’s now more prevalent than ever. In fact, in a recent survey of just under 1,000 firms, 74% of businesses planned on increasing homeworking in the future. Many people need to adapt now as this new world of work continues to develop.

To ensure that you can get the same results at home as you do in the office, you will need an amazing workspace, equipped with everything you need. Of course, this probably sounds easier said than done.

Below are a few tips to consider if you want to design a perfect home office of your very own.


The Right Room

Some spaces in your home will work better than others, due to the nature of your work or domestic obligations.

For example, if you need to keep an eye on the kids while you work, you should not shut yourself in a tiny study upstairs. Instead, work in the dining and living room sized areas. It could be that you live alone, and you require a lot of focus, in which case a smaller room will suffice.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, either, unless the nature of your work demands you to extend a room. Workspaces are never gratuitous or excessive, but rather economically and sensibly arranged. Make sure you pick the right room to change, because you cannot have a perfect home office if you fudge the first step or get your money back!


Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office


Electrical Overhauls for a Perfect Home Office

All home working demands some use of electricity for computers, chargers, and phones. However, if your extending rooms for your home office, you may need to do some rewiring here and there to accommodate such major changes.

You will need single-phase wiring if you are a home worker, as three-phase wiring is for industrial machinery and so forth. Wires can obviously be quite dangerous to deal with, but if you want to update your knowledge, check this guide to electric wiring colours in the UK. You will find everything you need to know there, including information about the new system, old system, and what all the colours signify.

It is highly recommended that you use professional services if any rewiring work needs doing. That said, it is good to know your stuff here so that you more fully understand the changes you are making and what they entail.


Adequate Lighting Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office

To work well, you need comfortable well-lit surroundings that helps you focus comfortably. After all, there is a growing body of research that suggests that, among other things, lighting can have a big impact on the way workers think and feel, so keep that in mind when designing your own office space. Do things the right way here, and you can maximise your productivity.

Save desk lamps and main lights for when it starts to get dark outside. During the day, it is best to let in as much natural light as you need. You can adjust the amount you allow in with blinds, so long as you are not sitting in pitch blackness with nothing but the light of your monitor for company. 

So consider stylish blinds for when you need the light to dim


Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office


Plenty of Storage in your Perfect Home Office

It is vital that you have plenty of storage during your day-to-day projects. Think of all the shelves the typical office space has, then try to replicate a similar arrangement in your own home. You won’t need as much space but do have one or two units so that your house does not get messy and cluttered.

Shelves not only help you stay tidy, but they keep you organised. You will know which binders are where, instead of blindly flicking through different pages of reports that are scattered around your house. Prioritise your storage, and you will always be on top of everything.


Manage Your Cables – More Tips to Design a Perfect Home Office

When designing a home office space, it does not take long for cables to get out of hand. Soon they are sprawling across the carpets, doubling as trip hazards as they power your technology. They can also get tangled up, which can be incredibly frustrating and dangerous in equal measure also.

Try to plug your cables in a way that keeps them together based on what they are powering. For example, do not have your computer cables crossing over with speaker cables. When you have grouped them, simply tie them together, so that they can’t start getting tangled and wreaking havoc across the room.



Personalise the Space

Offices can be quite drab and dull, but the advantage of working from home is that you can add a personal touch to everything. Hang up your favourite artwork, paint your walls a funky colour, and do whatever else that takes your fancy that will give you a kick of inspiration. Give the space your very own sense of style!

While some workers are happy to use their local pub tables as their office desk, it is probably better for you to keep things interesting in a more sophisticated environment at home. After all, what would your boss think on a Zoom call?

Instead, decorate your desk with your favourite bobbleheads or frame feedback that has heaped you with praise. Surround yourself with the things you love (not alcohol) and give you pride, and you will feel much more ready to get to work. 


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