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6 top tips to help your indoor plants thrive in winter

Tps to help your indoor plants thrive in winter

tips to help your indoor plants thrive in winter, your indoor plants thrive in winter



Help your indoor plants thrive in winter – simple tips

Keeping plants indoors in the winter helps create a place that is relaxing and invigorating after a long hard cold day. Plants improve the air quality of your home and help fight seasonal depression. Helping your plants thrive indoors all winter long is easy and the reward you reap for helping your plants thrive and grow is plenty enough reason to give it a go.

Choose plants that are made to handle growing indoors. Look for plants that do not require full sun so that they can grow and thrive without large expensive grow lamps. Succulents, common house plants, and greens that you would normally grow in your shade garden do well indoors along with some lilies and even Meyer lemons can grow on a potted tree indoors.

Provide your plants with extra moisture. The furnace can be drying to your skin and will do the same to your plants. Buying a humidifier is a great way to help add moisture to the air to improve both your plants and your health over the winter.

Be sure to keep your plants well watered. The dry air will suck water out of everything through the winter so keeping your plant’s soil wet takes more effort. add a layer of mulch to your indoor plants to help trap water longer so your plants have a bit of a buffer should you become forgetful during the busy holidays.

Keep your plants away from windows and drafts. While plants are resilient if they become too cold from a draft they have a tendency of dying off to help preserve the strongest plant at their own demise.

Do use a full spectrum light bulb. While traditional grow lights are costly you can now get LED bulbs that offer full spectrum light perfect for giving houseplants a bit of necessary life to that they can grow nearly as well as with the sun in the summer.  As a bonus, you get the benefits of this light as well to help you fight seasonal depression alongside the beautiful green plants.


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