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Feeling stressed? Here are some tips to relax yourself and your skin to prevent breakouts

Tips to relax yourself

Have you been having a hard day? Maybe you are moving home, feeling stressed out from work or going through a rough patch with a friend or loved one. The last thing you need is for that stress to start appearing on your skin through inflammation, blemishes, spots or rashes. It is time to take a breath and begin thinking of yourself and your skin. So, relax, put your feet up and begin scrolling through this list of tips to relax yourself to get some ideas on how you can unwind and ease the stress right out of your tired skin.

tips to relax yourself

Bring out the Products

Once you get up, the best thing that you can do is get your dressing gown on and put on some nice music, before pulling out your favourite beauty products. A stressed day can always be put behind us with a good moisturising facemask, especially one that can target any acne breakouts, greasy skin or irritation. What matters is that you give yourself the spa treatment with your Natural Skincare products so that you can feel Mother Nature giving you her best treatment. With moisturiser, cleanser and toner working on you throughout your evening, you will feel rejuvenated in no time.


Ice Water Face Baths

You may be looking for a quick and cheap way to moisturise your skin. Acne and breakouts can be due to sensitive skin; thus, many alcohol and chemical based moisturisers may do more harm than good. Therefore, the best way forward may be in simply using a cold compress with ice cubes within it. Press them against your face and rub them against your skin to boost blood circulations. It is a natural way to get your face looking its best, and if you like face masks, you can even buy ice masks to help with your skin’s appearance.


Rose Water Hydration

Another simply product for a hydration boost and means of destressing your skin is Rose Water. Simply dip a cotton ball into the rose water and rub it over your face and neck. Once done then leave it on for an hour and wash away with cold water.

tips to relax yourself

Meditation Techniques

When you feel stressed on the inside, then this can be clearly seen upon your face through wrinkling and breakouts. At this point in time it is better to take a breath, literally, by indulging in some meditation. Stress, biologically, will make your body feel as if it is under an attack or is experiencing a threat. In the worst cases, it can even trigger your “fight or flight” reflex, meaning that your normal bodily functions are ignored so that you can get away from the problem. Close your eyes and find a quiet place to focus on your breathing. Eventually you will find that any unwanted thoughts will drift away, meaning any stress will go along with it. For those who may find it difficult to relax, the good news is you can find social media platforms or apps that will guide you through mediation, like Headspace.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to relax yourself and you are feel better.



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