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Tips to set your mirrors and cut your hair like a pro

It’s a special ability worth mastering to learn how to cut your hair in front of a mirror. There are numerous advantages to cutting your hair instead of visiting a barber or hair salon. You may cut your hair whenever it’s convenient for you, and you’ll save a tonne of time and money over a year. To maintain your look, you can occasionally do “touch-up” cuts. You can use a dry cleansing shampoo afterward on sudden plans. Probably watching someone else use a mirror to self-cut before trying it yourself is the best way to learn how to do it. You can find a tonne of incredibly helpful “how-to” videos online.

You must, of course, have a mirror in front of you. A front-on mirror will be enough for the majority of the cut. However, you’ll require an additional mirror to see where you’re cutting on the sides and rear.

For your self-cut, there are two ways to use a second mirror:

  1. Employ a hand mirror.
  2. Employ a sizable, upright mirror.
  3. Apply a three-way mirror.

cut your hair like a pro


With a hand-mirror

You must hold the hand mirror in one hand while using the scissors or clippers in the other. The benefit of this is that you can adjust the mirror to exactly the right angle for the best view. Additionally, you can move around a bit more to get the proper cutting angles. This method requires some getting used to, but it is unquestionably an inexpensive solution that works.


Small and full-length mirror

As the name implies, you can utilize a conventional wall mirror in front of you and a tiny or full-length mirror behind you. You now have the freedom of having both hands free. Depending on the available area, this can be an excellent choice. You can be constrained by where you can put the mirror if you cut your hair in the bathroom. You might also require a shelf or similar object at head height. You will have more options for where to cut your hair if you have two mirrors, though.


Three-way mirror

A very effective alternative is a 3-way mirror. Without moving the mirror or holding it, you can view the majority of your head and hair. The ideal approach might be to cover the very back of the head with this kind of self-cut mirror and a hand-held mirror. A 3-way mirror can also be hung from the top of a door. You have a lot of alternatives for where you wish to cut your hair and how high you want the mirror to be because it is also height-adjustable. The 3-Way mirror is very lightweight and folds up into a beautiful, tiny storage container.

You can see that there are various methods for cutting your hair. With so many viewing angles, the 3-way mirror system is undoubtedly the most straightforward approach. However, with some time and effort, you ought to be able to cut your hair with just a straightforward, hand-held mirror.

The key is to equip yourself with the appropriate tools for the job. You should at the very least have scissors and a high-quality hair clipper for home use.


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