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Too Blessed to be Stressed – 10 Great Ways to Reduce Cortisol

 Are You Too blessed to be stressed – How to Reduce Cortisol – 10 habits of people who manage their stress well

We cannot avoid our bitter rendezvous with troubles, but we can certainly decide how we respond to them. Some people handle it with ease. As for the others, the only response they generate is stress and anxiety.


Too Blessed to be Stressed


If you fall in the latter category, this article is not to just tell you the know-hows but to remind you that stress has never done anyone good, rather it has made things worse, be it in terms of health or mental peace-giving you all the more reason to not let it consume you.


Too Blessed to be Stressed

There are several ways to beat stress. You can start by following these 10 habits of people who never get stressed.


5 minute daily stress relief guide

(A great book for those needing to realise they are too blessed to be stressed.)


What do People who are Too Blessed to be Stressed do?


  1. They practice gratitude – that is How to Reduce Cortisol and recognise you are Too Blessed to be Stressed 

When you remind yourself of the beautiful moments that you are grateful for in your worst, you will not let the hard times get the best of you. That’s the power of gratitude. It gives you something to hold on to.

It is for this reason that people are starting to inculcate gratitude as a daily habit. It’s time you start doing it too. Maintain a gratitude journal, fill it with things you are grateful for every day.


Too Blessed to be Stressed

Too Blessed to be Stressed


  1. People who are too blessed to be stressed balance personal and professional life 

Our professional life is the greatest contributor to stress. You cannot altogether abandon it, but you should know when to take a pause and enjoy life a little. If work occupies most of your day, make sure you enjoy the rest, and of course weekends to be happy and less stressed.


  1. They do not compromise their sleep that is  How to Reduce Cortisol

Your mind gets exhausted and it needs rest. Sleeping for 7-8 hours daily is the way to do it. If you are a night owl, or someone who scrolls their phones for hours before going to bed, you have to change these habits and develop a healthy sleeping schedule no matter what.


Too Blessed to be Stressed

Too Blessed to be Stressed


  1.  Those who are too blessed to be stressed practice deep breathing 

Ever wondered why deep breathing is pivotal in yoga and meditation? Because it is no less than a magic potion that does more than just calming your senses. It improves digestion, intoxicates, improves blood circulation, and whatnot.

And the best thing about it is, it’s not at all time-consuming, Even five minutes of deep breathing from time to time can do wonders to your body and mind.


Too Blessed to be Stressed


  1. #People who are too blessed to be stressed never miss an opportunity to laugh

Ever heard, laughing is the best medicine? Well, it’s true because it certainly is. Researchers have concluded that laughing releases happy hormones, improves organ function, and boosts your immune function.

Therefore, do not think twice before doing anything that makes you laugh whether it is listening to a joke, or watching stand-up comedy.


Too Blessed to be Stressed

Too Blessed to be Stressed


  1. People who are Too Blessed to be Stressed are mindful  – That is How to Reduce Cortisol

We stress because we think about the future. We worry about what if we would fail the test, mishandle the situation, or fail to meet our deadlines and targets. But if we stay mindful, i.e. stay in the moment, we might avoid getting stressed about things that haven’t even happened yet.


Too Blessed to be Stressed


  1. Those who are too blessed to be stressed exercise 

Exercising does more than just burning calories. It relieves stress by releasing endorphins, in layman’s terms, happy hormones. Thus, make sure you exercise daily, even if it’s following a 20-30 minute workout daily.


Too Blessed to be Stressed

How to Reduce Cortisol


  1. They eat healthily  – be Too Blessed to be Stressed by Eating Well

Eating healthy might not be pleasurable for your taste-buds, but it is certainly for your body. When you eat healthily, you provide your body necessary nutrients for proper functioning, leading to a calm and healthy mind.


  1. Too Blessed to be Stressed? – They pamper themselves 

You would always be disappointed if you expect other people to pamper you. Do it yourself. Pamper yourself with a nice massage, or doing things that make you happy. Be way too blessed to be stressed.


Too Blessed to be Stressed


  1. People who are too blessed to be stressed hang out with friends 

Staying in your shell can only be comforting for a while. Post it, it can start suffocating you. People who never get stressed value their relationships with people. They spend quality time with them and try to live life the best way they can.


Too Bless to be Stressed


Too Blessed to be Stressed – final words on how to reduce Cortisol

That’s all we have to say, and now it’s your time to do the needful, i.e. beat the stress. Now that you know how to, what are you waiting for?  Know you are too blessed to be stressed and you will reduce the stress in your life.


For kids who are too blessed to be stressed 

Childhood can be filled with angst especially these days and a especially int he time of the pandemic and yet childhood is totally a time filled with treasures and time and new experiences and family and a huge host of other blessings.

Kids need to give  focus to what makes them happy and make sure they give thanks for it and increase the presence of t it in their lives. My book Create Your Own Happy is a great way to teach kids to this. It is is packed with 50 happiness boosting activities to help them really give their energy to appreciating and increasing what makes them (and others) smile.

 Create your own happy is for 6-12 year olds and is available from Amazon and all good books shops  – the perfect book to helps  kids earn they are too blessed to be stressed


be too blessed to be stressed with my Create Your own Happy book 


Want to be Too Blessed to be Stressed –  Get outside!

Kids who are too blessed to be stressed also spend a lot of time in daylight and communing with nature. Check out my new book for kids nature craft and play if you are looking for ways to encourage your child to get outdoors.

 Nature makes us truly believe we are too blessed to be stressed because it is so awesome!


becky goddard-hill


All that lovely vitamin D and connected ness with nature has been scientifically proven to make people happier – so what are you waiting for. The Japanese go forest bathing for a reason! Creativity is so good for us to enabling us to relax in a focussed way that pushes our worries aside and allows us to be mindful too. You know nature crafting is just the best thing to do to reduce your cortisol levels. get yourself and your kids outside today


 a little song about being too blessed to be stressed 


Let me know your thoughts on this – does gratitude work for you? I find it very powerful but do believe it needs to come sincerely or not at all 


Blue monday and how to stop stress! 

‘how to stop stress’ skyrocketed 920%, in terms of google searches on into Blue Monday 

New analysis reveals that UK searches for ‘how to stop stress’ increased 920% just hours into Blue Monday, which is the name given to what is known as the most depressing day of the year, Monday 16th January, following the Christmas and New Year celebrations that have just passed.  

The lingering stress of the cost-of-living crisis weighs heavily on the shoulders of many, and with temperatures dropping and food prices skyrocketing, it is bound to have an added impact on the stresses of everyday life. Therefore, people up and down the country are looking for tips and tricks to ease and eliminate as much stress as possible.  

CBD experts Simply CBD have revealed some  additional tips that will help encourage stress relaxation and a stress-free routine that you can implement into your weekly routine.  




Although the thought of exercise can sometimes be exhausting, with long workdays feeling tiring enough, finding the time to get a good workout in can often be the release from a lot of pent-up stress.  

Sometimes getting past the mental barrier of doing physical activity is the only thing holding you back from releasing tension and endorphins, aka the body’s natural painkillers. 

The exercise doesn’t necessarily need to be intense, and there are many options when it comes to fitting in an hour of increased heart rate: 

  • Go on a walk – Whether with friends, family or just by yourself, getting out for some fresh air and moving your body will work wonders.
  • Take part in a local exercise class – there are many different options, such as low intensity Yoga and Pilates, which are great options if you don’t want to do an intense workout.
  • Take part in an online exercise class! – if physically leaving the house to exercise fills you with dread, you will be pleased to know there are thousands of online classes and pre-recorded free videos of workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home.



Turn the phone off and stay off social media 

In a world dominated by technology, we have everything at the push of a button, making it hard to imagine life without it, but keeping so up-to-date and caught up on social media can sometimes be exhausting and lead to unhealthy comparisons. 

By turning off your phone or limiting the time spent on social media, you can shut off the constant updates and remain solely focused on other things that might bring you joy. Instead of getting distracted by technology, you could be reading your favourite books, spending time with family and friends, giving yourself a well-deserved pamper or just taking a nap, whatever relieves stress from your day! 


Too Blessed to be Stressed


Are You Too Blessed to be Stressed – I’d love to know what you have to say on this 

Make sure you leave your valuable suggestions for us in the comment section, or come back later and share an awesome story of how you beat the stress. Too Blessed to be Stressed – I am definitely but I need to be fully conscious about blessed I am in order to keep my knowledge of this to the fore. Is it the same for you or is your gratitude something you give great energy too.

Please do join the discussion on are you  Too Blessed to be Stressed 

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