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Top 10 Best Confidence Books for Teens

Let’s take a look  at the top 10 Confidence Books for Teens. 

Confidence Books for Teens

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Teen years can taking a bashing on confidence like no other. Here are some great confidence books for teens to help them navigate this new and often fraught stage of their life. 


Confidence Books for Teens


Confidence Books for Teens 

here are some of our favourite Confidence Books for Teens – please leave me a comment at the end adding your favourite too.


Be Confident be You – the teenage guide

My bestselling book Be Confident Be You was published in January 2023 by Harper Collins. It is a positive and insightful guide that gives teens the tools to build confidence, overcome low self-esteem, and embrace opportunities. It covers 50 topics all related to teen life and has lots of try it out activities included

The two things tens have the power to control in life are thoughts and your actions. This is great news because these both have a huge impact on how life turns out. Change your thoughts and you change your world.

There are tons of ideas in this book to try from practising positive self-talk, to making a coping kit and tackling fears, plus I have included the science behind why they work. With this confidence book for teens  the power is placed back with them!

Be Confident Be You is the perfect companion to Be Happy Be You (see later in the list)

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Top 10 Confidence Books for Teens



Failosophy for teens 


Top 10 Confidence Books for Teens


Failosophy For Teens is an inspiring and empowering guide for teens for when things just don’t work out  Using personal experience and stories shared by guests on her award-winning podcast, How to Fail, Elizabeth day has written this great  book is full of inspiring tips on how to:

– talk openly about failure
– turn failure into success
– build resilience for when life sends you curveballs

Failure can become an opportunity for growth if you just know how to view it – so this is brilliant confidence book for teens.


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Positively Teenage – Confidence Books for Teens 






Nicola Morgan  knows all about the teenage brain and has written an amazing book here packed with useful insights. It is chock full of evidence based strategies for physical and mental health. Positively Teenage  has lots of great ideas to help teens feel in control in all aspects of their lifeform being healthy online to getting great sleep and much more besides. With these new strengths and skills,  they will feel so much more robust and confident!


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In this book Paul McGee  shows teenagers practical strategies to:

  • Take responsibility for their lives
  • Own and understand their feelings
  • Build a more positive mindset
  • Develop a healthy image of themselves
  • Realize that it’s OK to not always feel OK
  • Recover from setbacks and develop perseverance
  • Aspire, set goals, and dare to dream

 YESSS! shows young people what it’s like to live with confidence and it is a fun, light and entertaining book too. 



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Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens: A Cognitive Therapy Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt and Creating Unshakable Self-Esteem


Confidence Books for Teens



Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens provides strategies for teens to banish self-doubt and increase confidence and self-esteem. Confidence Books for Teens are a great way to address such issues.

Studies show that self-confidence plummets during the teenage years and teens become more susceptible to peer pressure, self-doubt, and anxiety. Think Confident, Be Confident for Teens is a cognitive therapy guide  to help teens develop more confident, positive thoughts about themselves

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And 5 more Fabulous Confidence Books for Teens


Just as you are – a teens guide to self acceptance

A great book to help teens silence their inner critic In Just As You Are, psychologist Michelle Skeen and her daughter, Kelly Skeen, offer clear advice  to help teenagers overcome feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness


Confidence Books for Teens



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Be Happy Be You – the teenage guide

Another of my confidence Books for Teens co-written with Penny Alexander, Be happy Be You  is a guide to positive emotional wellbeing. It addresses a wide range of areas that impact a teens life and show them how they can cope well in these areas through a range of techniques. It shows them how they can change their mood and be more resilient, handle relationships and effect change. A great read that gives teens tools for life!


Confidence Books for Teens



Buy Be Happy Be You


The teenage guide to friends

Another brilliant Confidence Books for Teensby best selling author Nicola Morgan. The ultimate teenage  guide to teenage friendships and how to navigate them. It can be such a tricky time for friends!

All Nicola’s books are written in a user friendly way and all have a great scientific base that explains how and why her ideas work. 



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The ultimate self esteem workbook for teens – Interactive Confidence Books for Teens

This workbook helps teens build up esteem and confidence through a variety of  creative activities and advice. It aims to show teens how to think positively, release self-doubt, and start loving themselves. Brilliant! 




Buy the self esteem workbook


A growth mindset book for teens

This new book by Sydney Sheppard is so positive! It includes reframing thoughts, stress management skills and emotional regulation and it encourages teens to leave their comfort zone too. An inspiring and useful read.




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Further reading on from Confidence Books for Teens

Confidence Books for Teens make a great gift and can be so useful. Do you have any other Confidence Books for Teens you would add to this list?

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