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Top 10 effective ways to help kids calm down

Today – effective ways to help kids calm down


ways to help kids calm down

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From the day they are born, kids yell and fight when they feel out of control. However, not all kids are the same. Some are not quick to express anger and therefore choose to hold their feelings inside. All the same, anger can make kids feel frustrated.  Most parents have a hard time controlling their kids at such times and long for effective ways to help kids calm down


Ways to help kids calm down

As a parent, recognizing that your child has anger issues will be the first step towards helping your kid. The following 10 methods can come in handy when offering guidance and emotional support to your kid.


1.      Control your own anger

It is super easy for you to explode whenever the kid gets aggressive and frustrated. It happens to the best of us. However, our kids learn a great deal about anger from simply watching how we handle it.

Try your best to deal with your own anger before tackling your child’s anger issues. This way, you get to avoid losing control.  In case you lose it and explode, be sure to apologize so as to establish that it is a mistake to act out aggressively.


2.      Put it down on paper

For some kids, writing down the reasons for their anger can be a calming and effective technique. If your child responds well to this method, you can get him a pen and a journal while encouraging them.




3.     Effective ways to help kids calm down?  Do some Yoga together

Yoga can really be effective for your kid’s anger issues. The movements provide a decent method for releasing pent-up negative energy. It also encourages self-control and discipline.


4.      Building Predictable routines are great ways to help kids calm down

In most cases, routine and consistent activities help kids calm down. That’s why some kids are able to stay calm at school while throwing tantrums as soon as they get home. Establish a routine for your kid while at home including when to go to bed, when to eat and even playtime.


5.      Read books together – great ways to help kids calm down

Reading books with your child can help you develop focus. If your kid is hyperactive, you can ask them to act out the characters of the book while keeping the story engaging and fun.



ways to help kids calm down

6.      Play together

From playing with sand to swinging together, you kid will settle down fast if you encourage some sensory fun and games instead of only watching TV. Obviously, every kid will respond differently to varied stimuli. Take the time to closely watch them play to know what calms them down.


7.      Use a stress ball and breathing games

You can play breathing games with your child as you teach them how to count to five and inhale and exhale slowly.  Alternatively, you can use stress balls that create repetitive actions to establish relaxation.


8.      Try massage therapy as ways to help kids calm down

Physical contact with your kids is important and comforting. A gentle massage on the back especially after being exhausted from play can help reduce the tension in your kid’s body and calm them down.


9.      Set up a calm spot

Yes, you can talk to your kid and agree to set up a spot where he or she can go to cool off. You can also offer positive recognition for positive behaviours. As a result, this will help cement self-control in your kid.


10.   Finding  the right words are effective ways to help kids calm down

As a kid, it is hard to express how you feel. Mostly, kids just lack the words to express their frustrations. Help them out by establishing an emotional vocabulary that he or she can use to express anger.

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ways to help kids calm down



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