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The Top 10 Reasons for Fitting Origin Bifold Doors

Reasons for Fitting Origin Bifold Doors


The beauty of fitting bifolding doors as opposed to standard patio doors is the sense of freedom they give. To illustrate the point for all DIY enthusiasts out there, imagine poring over the most up to date power drill in your local hardware store. The one with a high torque ratio, 10 different speeds and an ergonomically designed grip – real value for money. However, it’s not actually the drill itself you really want is it? It’s a hole! The drill is the means to an end. Likewise with Origin bifold doors supplied (and if required, fitted) by EKCO what you actually get as an end result is the abundance of fresh air and open space not possible with sliding patio doors.


However, there are many more benefits to be had so with that in mind here are the top 10 reasons for fitting Origin bifold doors.

Reasons for Fitting Origin Bifold Doors

1)    A panoramic, uninterrupted view.  There’s not much fun in gazing out of your open patio doors onto a perfectly manicured lawn, only to have a barrier run vertically from the top frame to the bottom. With bifold doors you can have a totally clear view of the garden and see how all your hard work has paid off. Hmm maybe that apple tree could do with a bit of pruning.

2)    Easy to open and close. I don’t know about you but we’ve found after a few years that most patio doors start to resist being opened. It’s as if they feel they’ve done their bit and quite simply can’t be bothered any more. Not so with Origin bifold doors. They have a unique gliding system which means they’ll be as effortless to open in twenty years as they are now.

3)    They keep your home really warm. It’s time to get rid of the elephant in the room. No really, you shouldn’t be keeping a pet that size, they’ll make a terrible mess of your floor. Ok we’ll whisper it – It’s not as warm in Scotland as it is in some other countries. But of course you knew that already. The good news is that Origin bifold doors have a thermal efficiency rating which far exceeds UK building standards so they’ll keep you cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. And don’t forget that you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too.

4)    Adaptable. If your home is of a less conventional style you can still have bifold doors fitted. You can even have them fitted on a corner wall which means you will have even more access to light and space from two separate vantage points…and a really big entrance which is just right for bringing in that brand new three piece suite you’ve chosen for your garden room.      

5)    Safety first. Or in this case fifth but no less important. Origin bifold doors from EKCO are fitted with safety seals between the doors which keeps little fingers out. Pity we couldn’t fit them on the biscuit tin!  

6)    Low threshold. You can pretty much do away with the boundary between your indoor and outdoor space with a recessed threshold. Not only does it look visually stunning, your neighbour will have nothing to trip over after a few too many glasses of Pinot Grigio at barbecue time.

7)    Secure. As our bifold doors have an 8-point locking system they meet Police ‘Secured by Design’ standards. So no more sneaking in the back door to avoid waking the neighbours.

8)    Minimal maintenance. That’s it really.

9)    Loads of colours. Perfect for blending in with your existing colour scheme. Or, maybe you would prefer to have a brand new colour scheme to match your new bifold doors! At least you’ll have the choice.

10) 20 year guarantee. As if all the above reasons weren’t enough, Origin bifold doors even come with a 20 year guarantee as long as they remain fitted to the same property. But, to be honest, with doors as good as these why would you ever want to move home?


For more information on Origin bifold doors visit www.ecobifold.co.uk


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