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Top 10 Restaurants in London to Try

Looking for the best restaurants in London? The capital is a hotspot for foodies with all kinds of highly regarded restaurants found throughout with some world-famous restaurants through to some hidden gems. Here are 10 of the best that are worth a visit when in London (be warned, you may need to book ahead!).


Top 10 Restaurants in London to Try

  1. Kiln

A stunning Thai-influenced restaurant in Soho that uses wood-burning ovens and grills with a cool, laid-back vibe.


  1. The Barbary

Located in the iconic Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, The Barbary is influenced by the Barbary Coast and this is reflected in both the menu and decor. This is a lively spot with an international flavour and the kind of place where you will make a few friends during your meal.


  1. Smoke & Salt

Located in Pop Brixton, this modern and trendy establishment is quickly developing a reputation for its thoughtful cuisine using smoking, curing and preserving techniques from around the world along with its vibrant atmosphere. It can also be easy to reach when you book a train ticket to London as it is located right by Tooting Broadway.


  1. Carousel

Found in Fitzrovia, Carousel has become a hotspot for foodies in London and a creative hub with a carousel of guest chef collaborations that helps to keep the three-story space fresh and interesting.


  1. Silo

Silo is quickly becoming a hotspot in London thanks to its zero-waste policy, which makes it a sustainable establishment in a time when this is a major trend. Found in Hackney Wick, it is much more than this, though, with a beautiful loft space and tantalising menu.


  1. Hoppers

Hoppers can be found in Soho, Marylebone and King’s Cross with each having its own distinct atmosphere. They have a lot in common, though, namely stunning Sri Lankan and South Indian inspired cuisine and attentive staff.


  1. Maison Francois

Those seeking French cuisine need look no further than this upmarket bistro near Piccadilly Circus. The beautiful dishes are matched by the gorgeous chic setting and the basement wine bar ensures that it is a lively place in the evening.


  1. Murano

Murano is a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in the desirable Mayfair area. Renowned chef Angela Hartnett is responsible for the elegant menu that is matched by the decor, atmosphere and service.


  1. Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey is the signature Michelin star restaurant owned and operated by the TV chef in Chelsea. It is a popular spot known for its fine dining, intimate atmosphere and superb service – you would expect nothing less from Gordon Ramsey.


  1. Needoo Grill

A lively authentic Punjabi restaurant in Whitechapel, Needoo is one of the best places in London for a curry with a lively atmosphere to match.


These are currently 10 of the best places to eat in London and you are sure to find somewhere that takes your fancy from this tantalising list.



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