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Top 10 tips for Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Album

Creating the perfect travel photo album – where do you start?

Nothing is more precious than spending time as a family and having the chance to do so whilst escaping everyday life makes a family holiday one of the most magical experiences.

From the look on your kids’ faces as they stare excitedly out of the window as your holiday destination comes into sight to the fun and games had at the beach, a family holiday is when you will create some of the most precious memories together.


Creating the perfect travel photo album

Whether you just got back from a recent getaway or wish to relive the beautiful moments from that once-in-a-lifetime holiday from a few years ago, capture your favourite memories inside the pages of a personalised photo book.

Start a collection that you can pull out at each family gathering to get everyone feeling nostalgic about the wonderful moments spent together. You can even hand down your photo books from generation to generation so that your loved ones can reflect on your past holidays and giggle about wardrobe choices for years to come!

With so many options out there it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to creating your photo books. Luckily for you, Atelier Rosemood, purveyors of personalised stationery and photo books, are here to help with their top ten tips to help you create the perfect travel photo album for you and your family.


1) Plan your photo book in advance

Having an idea of how you want your travel photo book to turn out before you start will make creating your photo book online a much easier experience.

You will be able to enjoy playing around with different layouts and perfecting the design of each specific page, if you filter through your holiday photos in advance. Sort them into folders on your computer to make sure that you know which photos you wish to include, as this will help you decide in advance what size and format of photo book you are looking for.


Top 10 tips for creating the perfect travel photo album


2) Pick the right photo book format for creating the perfect travel photo album

There are a whole range of styles and formats out there for personalised photo books, so you will want to bear in mind which ones are best suited to your photos. If you spend most of your holiday taking in the view and admiring the stunning scenery, then a landscape photo book will be an ideal way to share your panoramic or wide-angled shots.

Meanwhile if your holiday photos are more of a record of your little one’s every move then you are sure to have a collection of portrait photos that can be shown off best in a portrait photo book. Square photo books are also a good option for families looking to create a travel photo book with a mixture of images.

Once you have narrowed down your choice of photo, you will also want to think about the size. Large photo books are perfect for life’s greatest moments and those once-in-a-lifetime adventures, whilst a series of small photo books will be the best way to capture your short weekend breaks with the kids.



3) Choose your cover design to suit your holiday style when Creating the perfect travel photo album

Companies generally offer both soft and hardcover designs so you can choose the ones that best suit your style.

Hardcover photo books are designed to become family heirlooms so are ideal for big family milestones and extra special occasions, whilst softcover photo books offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to recording your holidays and family adventures.

Photo covers are a great option for any travel photo book as you can give pride of place to that one photo that best summarises your family holiday and add a title featuring the places visited and the dates.




4) Pick the best photos

Let’s face it, not all of the snaps taken on your family holiday will be worthy of a place in your travel photo albums. We are sure that there are a fair share of photos where the kids have gotten distracted before you took the picture or where Dad closed his eyes at the crucial moment.

Otherwise, you may have taken several photos of the same landscape and really just need to choose the one that shows it off in the best light. Take the time to filter through photos before uploading them to an online photo book maker and decide as a family which photos should make the cut.

As well as filtering out any embarrassing shots you do not want to share at the next family gathering, you will also want to ensure that you choose photos in the right format with a high enough print quality.

Choose the photo layouts best adapted to your photos, reducing the size of any photos that may not be of the highest quality.

If you are looking for a little reassurance about the quality of your photos, then know that Atelier Rosemood puts your photos through a retouching service to optimise the quality for printing and that their graphic designers will manually retouch your photo book cover!

5) Use your photo book to tell a story when creating the perfect travel photo album

Arranging your photo book chronologically is the most logical approach to a travel photo album. Start with photos of you all waiting excitedly at the airport or discovering your accommodation for the first time and then make your way through your photos day by day.

A chronological approach will make it much easier for you to recount your adventures to friends and family, telling any funny anecdotes as you flick through your photo books together.



6) …or arrange your photos by theme

If you stayed in one place during your family holiday and all of the days at the beach seem to blur into one, then you can always arrange your photos by theme instead of by day.

Dedicate one section of your travel photo album to adventures on the beach and another one to the collection of photos of you and your family on your daily bike rides around the local area. It is best to keep photos with similar styles or colours together to help create a striking travel photo album.


7) Less is sometimes more

Whilst we have all come back from family holidays with hundreds of photos, this does not mean that every one of these images has a place in your travel photo book. Many photo book suppliers will offer photo collage pages, but please do not be tempted to add twelve small photos to every single page of your photo book.

Instead of just cramming all of your holiday photos into your album, you should be thinking about how to show off your photos in the best way possible so that others can appreciate how great your family holiday really was.

If there is one photo of the kids that captures the special day spent at the zoo, then feature it full page in your album. You can then create photo collage pages for photos that are of a very similar style or that are not of the highest quality!


8) Vary the layout of your pages when creating the perfect travel photo album

You will be presented with a whole variety of page layouts so you should try and find the ones that best suit your photos. Create a mixture of full-page spreads and photo collages to create a dynamic photo book that is more enjoyable to flick through.

Do not, however, feel the need to use every single layout option available and instead limit yourself to around 5 page layouts that work well together as you still want to keep a cohesive style running throughout your photo book.


creating the perfect travel photo album

9) Include text when  Creating the perfect travel photo album

Whilst your family holiday may just seem like yesterday, those holiday memories may not be so fresh in your mind in years to come. We have all been there when we are looking back at holiday photos and we have to turn to a family member to ask “What’s that place called again?”.

Save yourself the trouble by adding in the names of the places that you have visited underneath the photos. You can also add funny captions to make sure that no amusing anecdote goes forgotten! At Atelier Rosemood, their team will actually proofread your travel photo book to make sure that there are no sneaky spelling errors!


10)  Ask the experts – Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Album

It is worth taking the time to get your travel photo book just right so do not hesitate to get in touch with the company printing your photo book if you have any questions. Atelier Rosemood’s customer service team are available to help every step of the way and will be able to guide you when it comes to choosing the right style of photo album and the best photos!

We hope that these top tips come in handy when you start creating your travel photo books and will help you to show off your favourite family memories in their full glory. No matter which style of photo book you choose, you are sure to enjoy flicking through your travel photo albums for years to come!

Your collection of travel photo books will also become a record of family life over the years and you will be able to look back fondly at the precious moments spent together and marvel at how much the kids have grown over the last few years.

This means that as well as allowing you to capture old memories, your photo books have the potential to help you make new ones as you look through your photo books together! Let the reminiscing begin!


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