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Top 10 tips to raising a confident child

Top 10 tips to raising a confident child
tips to raising a confident child


Tips to raising a confident child

Would it not be wonderful to raise your child to become a confident and compassionate individual? Well, kids learn to be self-confident whenever they take on challenges and succeed, although it has become commonplace to encourage failure among kids as it helps build resilience, success can significantly boost your kid’s confidence. With the following tips, you will be able to help your child build self-confidence and grit without stalling their development in life.

1.      Be their coach

In the same way a coach can help an athlete develop their skills, you can also develop your kid’s skills and build their confidence. Be careful not to be too controlling. Come up with activities that you can do together and instead of doing it for them, let your kid exercise their own competence.

2.      Build the foundation for confidence

As a parent, it goes without saying that loving your child is the easiest and most obvious way to develop confidence in your kid. However, it is easy to forget that love is a repeated daily action and not just a feeling.  Make your child feel accepted even when they fail or make mistakes. By giving your child a hug and offering unconditional love, you will build a foundation from which their confidence can grow.

3.      Support your kid’s passion and talents

In some cases, it’s easy for parents to overlook their kid’s passions and talents. Do not make this mistake.  It’s a wonderful thing when you kid shows interest in certain activities. When they manage to build or create something, give them praise and encouragement no matter how simple and small the achievement is.

4.      Be authoritative

Just because you love and support your kids does not mean they get to do whatever they want. Granted, it can be difficult for most parents to establish authority while being supportive. However, your child needs consistent guidance to gain the confidence of knowing what is right and wrong.

5.      Set them up for success

The best way to keep your child self-motivated and encouraged is to give them tasks they can manage. Teach them to keep at it until they succeed. Whether it’s playing the piano or creating a science fair project, teach them to manage their frustrations until they succeed. Give a helping hand if need be but don’t come to their rescue as it might make them fill incompetent.

6.      Don’t try to be perfect

Let your child learn without your interference even when the results are not perfect. This can boost their confidence to a great extent.

7.      Give positive feedback

Positive feedback can be a great way to encourage confidence in your child. Acknowledge their effort more than the results. By giving positive feedback on their effort you will help them put in more effort to succeed.

8.      Encourage independence

When your child is willing to try new things, even though you might need to supervise while they are still too young, let them feel independent. For instance, let them try out a new hobby while you watch them from the side without intervening.

9.      Instill the element of adventure

Apart from being independent to do what they love, encourage them to explore and experience the thrill of adventure. Whether its outings with new friends or vacation trips, expand your child’s horizon by giving them new experiences

10. Build their resilience

Unfortunately, success doesn’t come all the time. Teach your child to build resilience when they fail. By teaching your child to be comfortable with the feeling of failure, they get to learn that it’s a normal part of life.


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