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Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family  – lets take a look at  the best of the best!

Podcasts offer an amazing hands-free experience.

All you need to do is tune in to your favorite one and enjoy the conversation as you go about doing your work. Travel podcasts have become popular with families that love taking long trips together.

They work great when you are trying to reduce screen time and have a bonding moment with your family. There are numerous travel podcasts you can tune in to when traveling with your family.


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Here are some of the best ones to consider for your next trip.


1.     The globetrotter lounge podcast

Host: Lisette Austin (Jet Set Lisette)

Lisette has traveled to over 26 countries across 5 continents and in the process, she has gathered a wealth of information, tips, tricks, exciting stories, and inspiration for fellow travelers. Her podcast is an award-winning one as she features prominent women who have intriguing stories about their travels and encounters across the globe.

There are 3 seasons on her podcasts as of October 2020. Your family will love listening to people talk about their exciting memories and inspirations they had when traveling and exploring cultures thousands of miles away from home.


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family


2.     Wow in the world podcast

Hosts: Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas

The world is full of wonder, as you are about to find out in this podcast. This is a podcast that your kids will be very interested in as it presents topics and interesting stories for their benefit. The hosts bring on experts to discuss all sorts of exciting stuff happening around the world.

The engagement is hilarious, captivating, and entertaining. You get to explore the world, space, oceans, and other exciting topics in science and technology. 


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Top 10 Travel podcasts


3.     Story Pirates podcast– Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Hosts: Gimlet media

What better way to travel than by listening to exciting and entertaining stories, brought to you by master actors, comedians, and musicians? This is a podcast that is bound to keep your family entertained for a long time.

The podcast features skits, comedy shows, exciting interviews, music, and much more. Your kids will have a wonderful time learning a ton of stuff from world-class entertainers. The podcast is owned by Gimlet media and brings around a different host for every podcast.


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family


4.     The Budget-Minded travelerTop 10 Travel podcasts

Host: Jackie Nourse

What do you do when you want to travel yet you do not have enough money? What about when you want to bring your family along? While it’s true that traveling does require money, it does not mean that you have to break the bank to enjoy exciting adventures.

The host, Jackie Nourse, will teach you how you can travel to the destinations of your dreams without having to worry about spending too much money.

As an avid traveler, Jackie knows a thing or two about where to go, the best experiences to seek, and how to do it on a budget. Her podcast brings you inspiring stories of her travelers across the globe and interviews with other travel enthusiasts. Although she is rebranding her podcast to JUMP with Traveling Jackie, you will still access all her past episodes on the platform. 


Top 10 Travel podcasts

5.     Women who travel– Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Hosts: Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey

This podcast focuses on women who love being on the road (or in the air). It is a podcast that features women who have accomplished their travel goals by visiting amazing destinations across the globe. The interviews on this set are exciting and mind-opening.

You will be amazed at the lengths people go when the travel and adventure bug bites them.

The hosts also offer you insights into a lot of matters concerning travel. You will learn about how to travel safely across the world as a woman, how to save money while traveling, the best destinations to explore, and much more.


Travel Blogs are fab too! 

By now you might need a little audio break and want to do some reading instead if so i am happy to recommend two lovely travel blogs to you Mexican Routes (I mean OMG who doesn’t love Mexico! and Fantastic Routes a beautiful blog that makes you dream of touring the world!


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family




6.     Let’s get together – Another of our Top 10 Travel podcasts

Host: Kellee Edwards

This is a podcast that will keep you hooked for hours. The stories and interviews here are fascinating. Would you like to hear the story of Nabongo, the first African-American woman to travel to all countries in the world? Or about how an adventurer climbed Machu Picchu in a wheelchair?

How about the story of the deaf model-turned-traveler? Most of the stories inside this podcast are stories of people who have overcome a lot of adversity to live their dreams without inhibition. You will learn a lot about inclusivity, cultures of different parts of the world and get a few pointers on how to travel the right way.

After listening to some of the episodes on this podcast, you will get the inspiration you need to start exploring the world without worrying about any limitations you might have. New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday.

sunset beach

Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family


7.     RV Atlas Podcast

Host: RV Atlas staff

If you own an RV or considering buying one, this is the podcast you should be listening to. The hosts bring on exciting interviews from experienced RV owners. You get to hear a lot of entertaining escapades and learn tips on the best way to enjoy camping and taking road trips with your RV.

The podcast also features interesting gear reviews from across the RV spectrum. You can also tune in or ask questions about issues you could be having with your RV and you can have these answered by experts. The podcast features people who have spent a lifetime on the road.

These people have met and triumphed over all RV challenges while still enjoying exploring. Learn about the best places to park, how to maintain your RV cheaply, how to RV for a long time with your family, and how to stay safe while RVing. 


8.     Family Travel Radio Podcast– Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Hosts: Family Travel Association Staff

This podcast is part of the larger Family Travel Association Company. The podcast specializes in matters to do with family travel.

The content goes beyond sharing travel destinations and how to travel safely across the nation. It is designed to offer a wholesome experience for families on the road. For instance, episode 79 highlights how you can have virtual travel activities with your kids.

With limitations in movement, your family may benefit from the insights offered by this podcast to keep the boredom away and enjoy traveling as a family. Experts on family travel are brought in occasionally to answer your questions and offer inspiration on how to travel comfortably and easily as a family.


Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

9.     Travel Genius – More Awesome Top 10 Travel podcasts

Hosts: Nikki Ekstein and Mark Ellwood

These hosts have mastered the art of traveling light and saving money during travel. They have a lot of insights into almost every question you may have had in mind concerning travel.

They explore everything from how to explore the best hotels wherever you want to go, how to pack light, how to save money when booking flights, how to save money during a flight, and how to enjoy a vacation on a budget.

They also bring in other globetrotters who have a ton of experience traveling across the globe to answer some of the questions you may have about traveling.

Their interviews are exciting and your family will love listening to escapades from people who have traveled across the globe and encountered different cultures, foods, art, and amazing natural wonder.

Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family

Top 10 Travel podcasts

10.  Kidventures family travel podcastTop 10 Travel podcasts

Hosts: Cathy and Ting

This is a UK-based family travel podcast that offers tips, travel destinations, and inspiration for families traveling in Europe and across the globe. Having kids should not make you stop enjoying traveling and this podcast shows you how you can have fun with your kids in many family-friendly destinations.


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I do hope you enjoyed this post on Top 10 Travel podcasts for the whole family – do you have any to recommend?

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