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Top 3 Smart Home Security Systems

 Top 3 Smart Home Security Systems for Property Protection

A security system is an absolute necessity for guaranteeing the wellbeing of your family and property. Indeed, no home will be completely secure without it. It is useful for spotting likely intruders or for discouraging vandals and anyone planning wrongdoings. With the rising number of break-ins these days, having a tight property security system can keep your home protected. 

Smart home security systems are especially helpful when it comes to securing your property and its premises. Even if you live in a highly-secured condo unit, such as those at Universal City Condos, it is still important to think about protecting your living spaces. As there are a lot of choices in the market, utilize this guide to figure out which can give you the best features and assurance.


Ring Alarm Security System

Top 3 Smart Home Security Systems

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With a base cost of $199, Ring Alarm Security Kit is a highly recommended smart security framework for homes. Each pack provides a base station, movement sensor, keypad, and a contact sensor that can be put used in driveways, on windows, or entryways. You can also obtain a device that acts as a communication booster for each part of the system. This means that the gadgets in the system can connect and communicate with each other even in a longer range. 

There is no month to month charges to worry about but Ring does offer a discretionary Protect Plus add-on, which amounts to $10 per month. This allows you to take full advantage of professional-level monitoring without breaking the bank. The main drawback is that this feature can’t be incorporated with other smart home security gadgets or systems.


Vivint Smart Home Security and Alarm Systems

If you are looking for a system that offers full-service features as well as automated solutions, then this is the best choice accessible. Vivint Smart Home is rich with highly necessary features and can be operated wirelessly as well. Very convenient, is it not? Its manufacturers also offer home consultation for free and installation is done by professionals with years of experience in the home security field. 

Smart Home Security Systems

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The initial installation costs for Vivint is at $599. This isn’t modest but if you can afford the investment, then it is worth it. You will surely appreciate the long list of security functions and the fact that this system can work well with other third-party devices and frameworks. Integration and interoperability are handled smoothly for the homeowner’s convenience.

Aside from all of that, the Vivint system can be easily and quickly modified to meet your requirements. It offers a framework that can interact and work well with a wide scope of top-notch security devices such as doorbells, cameras, lighting sensors, thermostats, gas detectors, smart locks, and more. 

The options for customization offered by Vivint are very thorough. But you don’t have to worry about controlling all of the integrated devices and other third-party systems as this is doable in an intuitive and hassle-free manner. At the core of this smart home security system is a clever touchscreen control panel that can be mounted on the wall for convenience. Controlling the system’s devices can also be done via a smartphone app. 

As mentioned above, if your budget allows the purchase of this system, then it is well worth getting the Vivint framework for its exceptional performance.


SimpliSafe Home Security Systems

This system is considered as one of the standout choices amongst other smart home security systems available this 2020. You can have this installed for $229 and you have the option to pay more for added features. Aside from the fact that this system does its functions seamlessly, it is quite stylish as well. The base station is jar shaped and would easily blend with any modern home interior decor

The system is mainly composed of a siren and a wide variety of sensors that you can install anywhere needed in your home. The sensors are intended to detect any sort of movement within their area of scope. They can recognize if a human is moving or passing through an area and can detect flooding and fire as well. 


(Image source: SimpliSafe.com)

The system is appropriately named in light of the fact that it is intended to be instinctive and simple to utilize. With an optional surveillance camera, it does its monitoring and detecting all day, every day, and is exceptionally simple to install. The whole security system can be operated via a keypad and a key fob. 

Upgrades are also available in the form of integrating the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro and Smart Lock feature. These are designed for entryways so you can screen whoever goes through your doors at all times. On top of that, you can enjoy HD video monitoring and two-way chat features. Overall, SimpliSafe is worth investing in.


Key Takeaways

Home security is a crucial matter any homeowner should consider. Fortunately, there are now top-notch smart home security systems that you can make full use of to protect your home and perimeter. Now, it is just a matter of selecting which system works best for you and install it in your home. Enjoy peace of mind!


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