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Top 5 Best Personalised Presents

Today – Top 5 Best Personalised Presents

Personalised presents can feel that extra bit special, with the recipient knowing just how much thought and work has gone into the gift. It can add a fun element to any type of present, and of course, makes it more personal!


Best Personalised Presents

No matter who you are buying a gift for, or what the occasion is, a personalised present is a beautiful thought. What’s more, there is so much choice and opportunity for messages, quotes or names to be added to various gifts. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for a personalised gift, here are our top 5 ideas.


Top 5 Best Personalised Presents


Personalised neon sign

Having a custom neon sign made for your best friend, other half or sibling is the perfect way to give a unique gift they won’t expect! Personalised neon is right on trend, with a multitude of designs at your fingertips. Whether it’s for a bedroom or an office, neon signs add a real wow factor to the room.

If the recipient has a favourite lyric, or perhaps you have an inside joke between yourselves, putting it in lights is a gift they will love for years to come.


Personalised framed print

Framed prints or photographs are a lovely gift that people don’t often buy for themselves. The choice is endless, with the option to choose a theme that suits their interests, or have something made just for them.

Having it framed can show you’ve gone the extra mile and means it is ready to hang as soon as it is unwrapped! Some great ideas for a personalised print includes a map of their hometown, a photo collage, song lyrics or a family tree design.


Engraved jewellery

Jewellery is a timeless gift no matter who the recipient is. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or cufflinks, engraved jewellery is always a lovely surprise. You can personalise jewellery in a number of different ways, whether it’s an initial, a memorable date or a birthstone.

The important thing to consider when buying jewellery is whether the recipient would prefer silver or gold. Think carefully before you have something engraved, as usually they are non-refundable!

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Monogrammed stationery

Stationery may not sound like an exciting present, but there’s nothing smarter than a new leather diary with your initials stamped on the front! Many people love fresh stationery, whether it’s a simple notebook or fancy pen that they can use every day.

There’s a whole host of monogrammed stationery you can choose from; just make sure it’s something they can get use out of. Have a think about what the recipient would appreciate more.


Personalised homeware

Everyone loves a present that makes their home look a little more welcoming and cosy! Consider wine glasses with a quote or name engraved on the side, or a doormat with a funny message written across it.

You might even want to consider a personalised cushion, or a candle whereby you can personalise the label for the recipient. It may only feel like a small gesture, but that personalisation can make even the simplest of gifts feel extraordinary!


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