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Top 5 ways to earn passive income from your land

Have you ever considered how to earn passive from your land?

If you have a gorgeous piece of land and are wanting to make the very most of it I have some truly fab ideas here for you that I think you will love.


ways to earn passive income from your land


Build stables to earn passive income from your land

Do you love horses. 

Having horses on your land could be very lucrative. You could start building your stable  and see how much interest there is and then build more. You could fence off fields too and make a great return in the process

How involved you are in the stabling once it is built and rented out is totally up to you.

You may simply want to provide stables or if it interests you you might want to provide full livery too. This could earn you even more money. You will probably want top provide grazing access too


Build kennels

It might be that dogs are more your thing than horses and that  actually instead of stables you fancy building kennels. These can be a brilliant way to make extra money. The kennels could be used for boarding dogs whilst owners are on holiday or could be rented out by groomers or for doggy day care. There are host of possibilities. Explore more about outbuildings with Vale Stables 


earn passive income from your land


Dog and Horse Shows 

Maybe you have enough land that you fancy putting on dog and horses  shows to promote and compliments your kennels and stables charging people a fee to enter?not obnly arte these great fun but they can become annual events and attract stall holders too all wanting to pay you rent.


Festivals  to earn passive income from your land

If you have a lot of land (and it would need to be a lot) maybe you could even host a local music festival on your property? That would be so much fun. And you could make your passive income through stalls and gate fees!


Camping and caravans

Maybe you could make passive income from camping and caravans on your land and turn your field into a holiday retreat . Maybe you could even build a few holiday lodges?

One thing is for sure you can totally find a myriad of ways to earn passive income from your land.



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