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Top Costumes for Kids to Wear on Halloween

Today’s options for kids costumes are more imaginative than ever before. Parents can easily put together awesome costumes that their kids will love and, the best part is that these costumes can be repurposed. Halloween is a special day for youngsters. Please read on for ideas that help make your child’s Halloween even more special!


Top Costumes for Kids to Wear on Halloween


  • Movie Star Costume

Here’s a fun costume for those little ones who love to play dress-up. Some glitz and glamor can begin with pieces as basic as a belt and a bangle bracelet. Add a touch of gold-painted jewels with shaped dry pasta. These make great accessories that jazz up a playful and colorful gown. Top off the look with a tiara.


  • Artist Costume

Start with a simple button-down shirt and transform it into a colorful artist smock. Splatter paint across the shirt using your kid’s favorite colors. Complete the outfit with a pair of tights or leggings. Stuff some paintbrushes in the pockets, and don’t forget the trademark artist’s scarf!


  • Judge Costume

It’s easy as can be to create this costume. Use a black robe for Halloween Day that doubles as a bathrobe the rest of the time. Every judge needs a gavel, and empty toilet paper rolls and tape are an innovative way to make a pretend gavel.


Top Costumes for Kids to Wear on Halloween

  • Cheerleader Costume

Talk about a cheerful way to spend Halloween! Your child probably already has a cute skirt and top outfit in their wardrobe. Every little cheerleader will have a lot of fun with their pom-poms made from cut-up strips of plastic bags.


  • Scuba Diver Costume

October 31st is a great day to be a scuba diver! You’ll need a pair of swim trunks and a swim shirt to get started. For the two air tanks, use empty one or two-liter plastic soda bottles. Attach them with duct tape, and it looks really authentic if you use clear plastic tubing. To make the flippers and the swim mask, use craft foam. Cut the craft foam to make fish-like shapes and coral.


  • Scary Costumes

Don’t forget about the popularity of scary costumes for kids and kids at heart. There are all types of accessories that will make basics you already have into a frightful costume your child will love.

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