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Top Home Renovations That Will Add Extra Value To Your Home

Home renovations – a term that can excite half of us, and fill the other half with dread. Home renovations don’t have to be scary, and research has shown that 90% of home owners have remodelled their house at some point. There are several reasons why you may choose to renovate, whether this be to improve the condition of the home, for aesthetics purposes or to add value to your property. In this article we will talk about the top renovations we recommend that you carry out, if your goal is to add value.

What are the benefits?

Choosing to renovate can save you the cost of having to move, and is a lot easier than selling and buying a new property. It can mean that you avoid the stress of searching for a new home, and all the fees that come with it. It can also help you ensure your property is as safe as possible – fixing roof leaks and electrical problems are essential to resolve before putting your home on the market if you are wanting to sell, as this may put potential buyers off. Ultimately, your house is only worth what someone is prepared to pay, and having a home that a new family can walk straight into is always appealing and advantageous. Prior to doing any home renovations, ensure you have the correct building renovation insurance to protect your property and in case anything were to go wrong.


Home Renovations That Will Add Extra Value


Renovations that increase value

Extension – Creating an extension to your home is always a great selling point, as it can create more space for a potential buyer. If you can create extra square footage, whether this be a new bedroom, larger living room or utility this always increased the value.

Renovate your bathrooms – Whilst many buyers may want to add personal touches to their kitchen, renovating a bathroom is a great way to appeal to buyers. This is especially important if your home only has one bathroom, as a modern and clean space is always sort after – even better if you opt for eco friendly materials such as bamboo wood to do your part in reducing carbon emissions.


Home Renovations That Will Add Extra Value

Amplify your outdoor space – Whether this be to re-do your patio, porch or backyard – having space to entertain outdoors is always a big advantage. This could be anything from installing a firepit to creating the perfect space to set up a BBQ.

Update your light fixtures – This is one of the most budget friendly options, however it can make a massive difference to the feel of your home. Well placed lighting can make your rooms feel bigger and more welcoming – make sure you consider the function and design of the lights before installing.



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