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Top interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale

Today – Top interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale

Top interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale


6 top interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale

Are you looking for top interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale?

Selling a property can be one of the most stressful periods, as it is full of uncertainty and time pressures. Many need to move quickly but struggle to understand how to make their home attractive to buyers. This article with help from The Property Buying Company will consider different ways that you can change your interior to appeal to your buying audience.



This may seem like the most daunting task to achieve, but decluttering your home is essential to improving the interior of your home and making a quick sale. Over time, we accumulate lots of objects that we have no need for, and now it is time to sort through them all. 

When going through your things, make piles of objects to send to charity shops and items to bin. This will help in the long run because when you do finally move out, you will not have as many things to pack up and take with you.

Any objects that aren’t in the correct place, try move back to its original home. Try not to have too many personal items out on display as this may help prospective buyers to see your home as a blank canvas. It will also help buyers see how they could make their stamp on your property. 

You may be running out of storage spaces within your home. If so, why not invest in some smart storage boxes to place in areas of your home. This will allow potential buyers to walk freely around your home and hide away any clutter you need to keep. Underbed storage is a great choice as it allows objects to be packed away until you intend to move. 


Create Features

If you can, a great way to improve your interior to create a quick sale, is by creating a feature within certain rooms. Within the living room, if your home has a bay window or a fire place, then try accentuate these features. Maximise these areas by cleaning them and placing objects around them to make the room feel well loved. For example, round the fireplace, add some candles or on the mantel piece, add decorations such as ornaments. 

Sometimes, bright colours can be off-putting to potential buyers. Instead, try opt for more neutral colours on the walls and luxurious fabrics with a comfortable style. This will help potential buyers to envisage themselves living within your home. 


Maximising Areas

In all homes there are rooms that make your house a home. You shouldn’t overlook improving rooms such as the Living Room, Kitchen or Bathroom as even though they may come with a high assumed price tag, there are small things you can change that have a major impact. 

There are alternatives to buying a new suite for a Kitchen or Bathroom. For example, if you are wanting to change cupboards, why not repaint the doors and replace the handles. This can be a cost-effective way that can transform your home and make it desirable to prospective buyers.

In tiled areas, instead of replacing them all, you can re-grout. This will give them a new fresh look, and make the suite seem up to date whilst giving your home a well-maintained feel. 

If your flooring is looking outdated, then the first thing you can do is try to revive it by putting powder on the carpet and hoovering it to take all the spills and stains out. 

Your home may have lovely floor boards underneath, if so, another way of smartening your home is by exposing these floor boards and polishing the floor. 


interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale


A few buckets of paint can go a long way in any home. If you do decide that your house needs a fresh coat of paint, try to choose colours that are neutral and aren’t too bright. Having a neutral palette throughout your home can stop your home from becoming outdated quickly. Also, if you use lighter colours rather than darker, this can make a room feel inviting and bigger. 

If you decide that wallpapering is for you, then choose paper that is low-key. Try to paper this onto accent walls instead of a whole room, by doing so will help all the rooms blend well. 



Let there be light! But seriously, lighting can affect whether you achieve a quick sale. Around your home, try to have bright lighting as this will increase the welcoming feeling of your home and in turn increase its appeal. 

You could replace your current bulbs with LED lights. Initially, this will won’t be cheap, however over time it will make your home cost effective and boost its attraction. Having these bright lights can also make your home feel warmer which allows it to feel well loved. 

If you have any dark areas within your home, try to place floor lamps (if you have any) in these areas to create light and show that there is space that can be used within your home.

Make sure you let all lighting in when you have viewings at your home. Natural lighting is the best type of lighting, so open all curtains and blinds to help convey the space in your home.

Also, by placing mirrors opposite windows, this will reflect any natural light around the room making any area feel more so spacious and light.



There are always areas in a home that we dread to get around to fixing or just haven’t had the time to sort. However, certain small problems you can fix yourself. When it comes to selling your home, minor issues that need fixing can count towards a reduction in price. So, get the tool box out.

Start by going around your house checking that everything is in working order. Take advantage of DIY YouTube videos that can guide you through fixing parts of your home. Replace bulbs, use Polyfilla to fix holes and secure any lose locks. Little things add up and to potential buyers, it will help continue with a well-maintained theme around your property.


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So these are the top interior design tips to help you achieve a quick sale – I do hope they work for you!


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