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Top misconceptions about plastic surgery

Top misconceptions about plastic surgery – let’s explore what these are.

Plastic surgery is one of the most controversial and talked about medical specialities. Many people assume cosmetic and plastic surgery are synonymous. A highly trained physician performs plastic surgery with an enormous about of intricate skill. Cosmetic surgery is elective and often focused on an individual’s aesthetics and appearance. Plastic surgery also includes reconstructive surgeries for burn scars and genetic disorders. 

Patients need to understand the difference between plastic and cosmetic surgery before embarking on either procedure. Plastic surgery has numerous benefits and can be life-changing if appropriately performed. 

Here are the most popular misconceptions about plastic surgery and the truth behind them.


misconceptions about plastic surgery


Misconceptions about plastic surgery – Only women get plastic surgery

This is not the case! Women are the long-standing, traditional customers of plastic surgery. People often associate cosmetic surgery with breast augmentation, nose jobs and ‘fake’ looking celebrity faces. However, there are actually many procedures men can also have, and with the increase in demand in male plastic surgery procedures, there is a more extensive customer base for many cosmetic surgeons. 

Liposuction is a common procedure for men who want a competitive edge in the workforce. Cosmetic treatments can provide the individual with a sense of confidence and power. 

There are also less invasive procedures like Botox, laser treatments and derma fillers. These are relatively affordable and common between both men and women but need to be repeated over time.


Misconceptions about plastic surgery – It is for the wealthy and infamous

There are more affordable options for aesthetic procedures than in previous years. The everyday person has access to aesthetic treatments that enhance their features and increase their body confidence. Botox and laser treatments are popular with normal people across the world. Of course, celebrities also indulge in cosmetic treatments and may opt for slightly higher-end surgery treatment. 


 It is ‘Vanity Surgery’

Plastic surgery can be life-changing for many people, and not just in the aesthetic sense. A nose job can open up someone’s airways to improve their breathing ability. Gastric bands can support weight loss to reduce countless health risks and disorders. Plastic surgery focuses on functional and practical results, as well as how something looks.

Some people assume plastic surgery won’t leave any scars. Unfortunately, even the most experienced surgeon will leave a scar when you alter your body through major surgery. Surgeons can, however, make the scar look more refined, smaller and supply you with advice on how to treat the scar long-term.


misconceptions about plastic surgery


Plastic and cosmetic surgery are not the same thing

There is a lot of confusion between whether plastic and cosmetic surgery are the same thing. They are not. Plastic surgery requires extensive medical training, while cosmetic is based on aesthetic procedures. Before you choose a surgeon for your plastic surgery, make sure to check their board specifications and qualifications. Many doctors are board-certified, but you need specific plastic surgery training to qualify as a plastic surgeon. 


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