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Top tips for easy holiday planning


Top tips for easy holiday planning

Planning a holiday is meant to be part of the fun isn’t ?


easy holiday planning


Top tips for easy holiday planning

Sadly in my experience the reality is often very different.

Planning a holiday can take hours and hours and can be complicated and frustrating. For a start getting your family to agree on what they want from a holiday can be a problem. Figuring out when is best to go can cause all sorts of issues and then there is the question of where to stay? You can end up trawling the web to find the best deals, only to discover they don’t have your dates, aren’t inyour price range or the hotel is not quite where you wanted.

It can make you feel like you need a holiday from booking a holiday!


It doesn’t have to be so complicated though.

Here are my  top 5 tips to easy holiday planning.


Top tips for easy holiday planning -Decide on your budget

Budget is crucial to every aspect of the holiday you search for and it is useful to know what you are working with before you start your search. Be realistic, factor in travel, food, and expenses s when you are away too and once you are clear on budget the planning can begin.


Top tips for easy holiday planning

Figure out what type of holiday you want.

It really is lovely to ask the whole family for some input on this but establish boundaries first! If you are limited to a few days/small budget/UK only dobe upfront about this so they don’t waste time and energy coming up with hugely grand ideas. Explain you will listen but that doesn’t mean it will happen (this time). Then let their ideas flow.


Decide when you are going away

I remember finding a fabulous holiday once and was a ll set to book it but my partner, on checking if he could take that week off work found out he couldn’t as his manager was already booked off. What a waste of time. I had sourced flights, hotel and everything and had to go right back to the drawing board.


Check the weather

This is so important. I have a friend who booked a last minute trip to Spain and hadn’t looked ahead at the weather forecast. They had a very rainy week in a very small apartment. Such a shame.


Search smart.

You really can spend hours and hours searching for the right hotel. Using a search engine like Hotelscombined can really make all the difference. Hotelscombined does the searching for you and shows you the best hotel deals from all the top travel sites on the dates and in the locations you choose.

It will save you  hours and there is no mark up or booking fee included.


So those are my top tips for easy holiday planning tips, Keeping it simple, using a great search engine and knowing exactly what you are looking for, when, where and how much you have to spend will make it so much easier.




  1. Anthony N
    August 30, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Awesome tips for planning a holiday ­čśÇ Thanks a lot for sharing! It’s exactly what I need to know

  2. hoang hieu
    March 21, 2017 / 3:40 am

    Well, i think we also need to care much more than this. However, this article is so good, thank you very much for sharing.

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