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Top Tips for turning your New House into a Home

If you have recently bought a new house in Malaysia, knowing how to decorate and put your own stamp on it can be difficult. It is important that you turn your new house into a cosy and welcoming space for you and your family, that is full of personality and character.

This can be done in a number of different ways, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start on such a big project. So here are some top tips for turning your new house into a home.


Top tips for turning your new house into a home

Fill it with furniture

The first step you can take when decorating your new space is to fill it with furniture. The type of furniture you fill your house with can make a huge difference, as it turns it from just an empty space into your home.

If you have moved from one property to another, bringing all of your furniture with you is an easy way for you to feel comfortable in your new house straight away.

Alternatively, if this is the first house you have ever bought, now is a great chance for you to build up your collection of furniture. Make sure that you buy furniture that suits your style and showcases your personality, and you’ll be one step closer to turning your house into a home.

Another great option is to buy a house that is already furnished. These properties in Rumah Sewa come fully furnished, saving you both time and money, ultimately making your life a little bit easier.


Find space for all of your belongings

Once you have put all of your furniture out and rearranged it in a way that works for you, it is now time for you to find space for all of your other belongings. Filling your house with all of your sentimental belongings, such as photo frames, ornaments, and candles will help to make your new space feel homely.

Displaying all of your belongings can bring a lot to a house, making the space feel cosy and welcoming.

Showcasing your memories, such as photos of your family and friends is a great tip for making a space feel like your own.


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Focus on the floors

This may sound like a strange tip but focusing on the floors in your new house can really make a big difference. Whether you have wooden floorboards, carpet or lino flooring, there are many ways to enhance and decorate it.

Putting down rugs or mats can add texture and warmth to a room, especially if you don’t have carpet in your new place. Bare floors can add to the emptiness of a room and can even make a room sound like there is an echo in it. Rugs and carpets are a great way to absorb the sound in a room.


Focusing on finishes

Similar to putting rugs and mats down on your floor, adding soft furnishings to a room can make a huge difference to a space. Soft furnishing such as blankets, throws, pillows, and curtains make a room feel cosy and warm no matter what size the room is.

If you have more plain or simple furniture throughout your house, adding blankets, throws and pillows is a great way to decorate and add some colour and fun to a room. Another great way for finishing off a room is to display some flowers and plants. Fresh flowers and potted plants add both colour and life to a room, and can really complete the look of a room, making it feel even more like a home.


Consider your storage

Making the most of the storage in your new house is a great way to turn it into a home. Storage is a great way of putting the belongings that you don’t want out on display away. If you are not interested in storage, you should consider buying furniture that has storage compartments in them already. This is a great way of putting things that you don’t use every day away, without having to get rid of them.


Utilise your walls

Hanging pieces of art or pictures on your walls is another great tip for turning a new house into your home. Showcasing pieces of art on the walls of your new house can bring a lot of colour to a space.

They are a fun way to accessorise and brighten up a room, especially if it is dull or quite plain. Another great tip for making the most of the walls in your new house is to put up a couple of shelves.

They are a great way of filling up an empty wall, and as an added bonus they are a great way for you showcase more of your belongings throughout your house.


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