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Top ways to save money in the New Year


Today – Top ways to save money in the New Year

Are you lookign for topwats to save money in the new year?

We all know that keeping your New Years resolutions isn’t always easy…and most of the time we don’t really have our hearts in it! But when all that fitness equipment has been put away in the loft again and you’ve broken all your other ones already – why not, this year – try a New Years resolution that can really change your life.

Save a little money.

And with these top tips on  ways to save money in the New Year– it can be a little easier than you think!

top ways to save money in the New Year, ways to save money in the New Year

Don’t replace, repair!

When we have a problem with an appliance, we often go straight to replacing it rather than considering all the options. Did you know that there are hundreds of appliance repair companies in the UK that will repair and restore your favourite appliances for more than likely, half the price of a new one? Just check out this website! From coffee makers, to vacuum cleaners, microwaves and more – before you rush out to the high street, see if you can get it repaired first!


Get into couponing!

The internet is full of tales of shoppers who’ve paid for an entire weekly shop with nothing but coupons! And it’s all very true and very achievable. Search online for the latest coupons and money saving websites. Facebook has many groups that give the heads-up on the latest discounts on big brands and basic groceries too.

Switch your energy supplier

It sounds like a slog. But changing energy supplier can save many households over £300 a year! There are planty of sites nline that can help you see which provider is the right one for you and help you get onto the right tariff!


Clear out your clutter and sell it online

When listing items, eBay will recommend a price but you don’t have to take it. Each private seller gets to list 20 items for free each month. After that it costs 35p per listing, plus 10pc of the final selling price including postage. As alternatives, you could also try Vinted, a listing site for second-hand clothes, Etsy for unwanted arts and crafts – and Amazon for everything else.


Do you really need a TV license?

You could save yourself £145.50 a year if you ditch your TV and just watch catch up services on Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5. As of September, last year, the BBC iPlayer loophole was closed so you now need a TV licence to watch BBC programmes online, as well as live TV.

Online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime both cost around £5.99 a month.


Try selling on Facebook – one of my favourite  ways to save money in the New Year

The beauty of selling on Facebook is that it is free and really easy!

Make sure you include as much detail about the items as possible, such as size, condition, if you will deliver, and whether you will negotiate on price. Also include where you are based, but be sure not to post exact addresses, for security reasons. Think of all the clutter you can get rid of!

ways to save money in the New Year

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More ways to save moeny in the new year

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