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Tropical Garden in the UK – Easy Guide

Tropical Garden in the UK and how you go about creating one. 


tropical garden in the UK

Tropical Garden in the UK


How to create a Tropical Garden in the UK

Have you ever wondered how to create a tropical garden in the UK?

If you want to do something different with your garden, and you want to enjoy every moment that you spend outdoors, then creating a tropical garden is a fantastic idea.A tropical garden in the UK? Yes, it is possible to bring more than a hint of the exotic to these less than tropical isles. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:


Invest in a Greenhouse for tropical garden in the UK 

Don’t have a greenhouse? Shop these sale greenhouses and pick one up for less than you might imagine. Why? Because it will help you to grow and look after a greater number of tropical plants and flowers than you might otherwise be able to, and really every gardener needs a greenhouse!


 For a Tropical Garden in the UK -Find Hardy Exotic Plants

There are lots of exotic plants, including bamboo, Ginger Lily, Agave and Delosperma cooperi, to name a few, which can positively thrive in the average British garden providing they are correctly cared for, and they are probably the most important factor in creating a totally tropical garden that is colourful to the eyes and wonderfully exotic to the nose.

When it comes to choosing plants and flowers, the more colour, the better, so just take a look at what’s available and bring home what you like.


Rattan or Bamboo Fencing help create a tropical garden in the UK

If your garden has a fence, then an easy way to up its tropical vibe is by removing it and replacing it with rattan or bamboo fencing instead. This isn’t a big job, and it isn’t too expensive, but it will have a huge impact on just how exotic your garden looks.


Add Colour

Obviously, you should be adding lots of colour to your garden in the form of tropical plants and flowers, but that isn’t the only way to do it.

Painting your fences in bold colours, adding flower pots and containers that are orange, red, pink or green and even adding artworks to the walls of your home or the panels of your fences are all great ways to add more colour and vibrancy into the dull British garden.


Tropical Garden in the UK


Don’t Wait for a Water Feature

How many tropical paradises have you visited that haven’t had beautiful bodies of crystal clear water? Probably none,

So, if you want your garden to have a tropical vibe, you’re going to want to invest in a water feature. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a beautifully clear pond, a waterfall feature or your average water fountain, as long as there’s some water in there, it will do the trick.


Keep Some Koi Carp for a Tropical Garden in the UK


Tropical Garden in the UK

Tropical Garden in the UK



If you choose to install a pond as the water element of your garden design, and if you’re willing to take good care of them, keeping koi carp is a nice way of bringing some colour to your garden. More importantly, they are a joy to watch as they go about their business and they will make you want to spend even more time out in the garden.

I can’t state enough how important it is that you are able to take care of koi carp well before you even think about buying them. You might think that they are really easy to look after, but that is not actually the case.


Combine Hard and Soft

An easy way to increase the tropical nature of your garden is by installing lots of big, bold green foliage in conjunction with areas of rock, gravel and stone that mimic the kind of scenes you’d see in exotic cities. The foliage will give you shade, and the rocks will heat up in the sun giving you that authentic tropical feel.


Don’t Dismiss Decking in a Tropical Garden in the UK

You might think that decking is pretty much thoroughly English and thoroughly mundane at this point in time, but adding some white decking to the garden is a great way or lightening things up and providing a nice place for you to sit and catch the sun (should it make an appearance) as you admire your garden.


Hang a Hammock

Of course, nothing screams tropical beach holiday like a hammock, so plant a few mature palms and hang a hammock between them, where you can lay back, relax and read a good book as you sway in the (hopefully) light breeze. Extra points if you choose a bold, exotic pattern for your hammock.



Let There Be Light in your tropical garden in the UK 

Having lots of lighting in your garden is not only a great way of ensuring that you don’t fall into the foliage after a heavy night out, but it will also serve to really highlight your choice of plants and flowers, illuminating them and making them really shimmer and shine on those dark evenings when it doesn’t feel very tropical at all.


Natural Furniture

When it comes to garden furniture, if you’re going for the tropical look, then natural materials, like rattan and bamboo are, again natural choices.

If you want to really get into the spirit of things, then dress them with cushions and linings that feature big, bold, exotic plant and flower prints and be sure to include a parasol like the ones you’ll find on pretty much any tropical beach in the world.


Try Trellis in your Tropical Garden in the UK

Tropical Garden in the UK


It can be kind of hard to convince yourself that you’re in a tropical paradise when you can see the mundane walls of your home all too clearly, which is why it is a really good idea to invest in trellis and start growing greenery up the walls.

If you can install a drip irrigation system, your green walls will be pretty easy to look after, look amazing and really give you that tropical jungle feel that is so desirable.

Creating a tropical garden in the UK is certainly not without its challenges, but it is perfectly possible, and if you use some of these ideas as a springboard to get you started, it won’t be long before your average British garden is transformed into your own little slice of exotic heaven. Then, all you need to do is pray for sun!

I hope this post on how to create a tropical garden in the UK has proved useful to you!


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