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Transforming a Home with Wooden Windows

Today lets take a look at  Transforming a Home with Wooden Windows

Windows are so important to a room. They not only bring the light in but they also almost always become a focal point of a room in a good or bad way, depending on your windows!

It is therefore important that windows are well-considered (rather than just an afterthought) and really become a pleasing focal point. It is amazing the difference a window makeover can make to a room.

Wooden windows can work like a beautiful piece of furniture in your home and create a look of real quality.

Have a look at these lovely images to see the impact of introducing wood windows.




Transforming a Home with Wooden Windows

Now that is a nice view from the washing up isn’t it!

Look how a lounge area can be transformed …



home with wooden windows

and isn’t this just the best back door ever!



Not just a pretty face

Wood windows do far more than just look good. They have a wealth of other important benefits. They make your home warm and draught free and they are the most environmentally sound way to create windows. they are also low maintenance. Wood windows are also a good choice for your finances offering better value for money because they last longer.


Wooden windows not only create a ‘look’ of real quality though  they really are a different quality Studies have  shown that wood window frames made to WWA standards can be expected to last around twice as long as PVC frames – around 60 years. So wooden windows are an investment as well and will undoubtedly add value to your property.


The Wood Window Alliance

The WWA  provides a list of suppliers and installers of quality wooden windows so you can be sure you are getting a great standard of service and product. You can find these by going to their website woodwindowalliance.com





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