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Transforming Your Garden Into A Peaceful Oasis This Summer In 4 Easy Steps

Summer is almost here! Plans for day trips, spending time with friends and enjoying whatever warm weather the UK might be fortunate enough to experience. One place many will spend their time during the summer is their garden, whether sitting outside soaking up the sun’s rays or pottering around and tending to their garden.

As a nation, Brits do love gardening. In fact, recent reports suggest that around 27 million people in the UK enjoy gardening in their spare time. As summer quickly approaches, finding and implementing ways to turn their garden into an inviting and peaceful oasis is something many will be considering. Keep reading to learn more about transforming your garden in time for summer.



Transforming Your Garden


Create An Inviting Seating Area

Transforming your garden into a serene space is easy to achieve. However, before purchasing all the materials you might need, consider how you will enjoy your garden once all renovation work has been completed. Consider incorporating a seating area into your garden if you don’t already have one.

Think about it, how will you enjoy the peaceful oasis you have created in your garden if you don’t have anywhere to sit? You might already have an area in your garden that could make the ideal spot for a seating area. It could be a patioed or decked corner that gets plenty of sunlight. With this space, you could invest in comfortable garden furniture, providing enough seats for family and friends to enjoy when the weather gets warmer. To add a splash of colour, you can accessorise with bright cushions. A comfortable seating space entices people to come and enjoy the peaceful garden.


Mix And Match Pots And Planters

While sitting and enjoying the seating area you have created, you want to ensure your garden looks aesthetically pleasing. Investing in a vast selection of flowers and plants to brighten your garden and add dimension is worth considering. Aside from brightening up the space, the scents from your flowers can also delight the senses.

With your selection of flowers and plants at the ready, think about what and where you will be planting them. Do you have spaces in your garden that you want to fill with flowers? Perhaps you have invested in oak sleepers from Suregreen for a selection of vegetables. Whether you fill your garden with wooden sleepers, timber sleepers, hanging baskets, or plant pots along the edges, mix and match the planters and pots to add dimension to your garden.


Light Up The Space With Solar Lights

As the summer evenings draw in, you and your loved ones might want to stay outside as the weather is still warm. Of course, summer evenings stay lighter for longer, but eventually, the night sky appears, and the stars shine bright. As the sun goes down, you might want light in your garden to brighten the space. Understandably, you might want to avoid having the bright, flood-like back garden light on. Why not consider investing in a selection of solar panel lights instead?

The market is inundated with solar garden lights, ranging in colours and styles. You could choose to have string lights running along the fences or shed in your garden. You could have one hanging from the side of the house or a tree. You may even choose to have lights along the pathway, guiding people to and from your designated seating area. Most solar lights are inexpensive but can help brighten your garden when the night falls.



Transforming Your Garden


Implement A Level Of Privacy

A secluded space might come to mind when you think of peace and serene. To achieve this, it could be worth considering investing in fencing. With fencing, you can add that extra level of privacy to your garden, separating your outdoor space from your neighbours. Along with privacy, adding a fence can also help to add a level of security to your garden.

You can even decorate your fences by painting them a colour that matches the aesthetic of your seating area or choosing a bold colour to help them stand out. As mentioned, you can hand your solar lights onto your fences and any hanging baskets filled with blooming flowers. Whichever you choose, investing in fences for your garden can help you move one step closer to transforming your garden into a peaceful oasis in time for summer.


Enjoy Your Space This Summer

When the eagerly awaited summer months finally roll around, and the temperatures begin to rise, spending as much time outside will be the top priority for many. After investing in your garden, using some of the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy the warmer weather from the luxury of the peaceful oasis you have created. This outdoor space could be where you create fond memories of summer.

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