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Tree Wall Stickers – Beautiful Art For Every Room

Tree wall stickers always make people smile.

Let’s take a look at the variety of tree wall stickers that are available and how they could work in your home and add that little bit of fun or nature or dreamscape that you are after,


Christmas tree wall stickers

A couple of years ago in a bid to be more eco-conscious and to save some money, we decided not to buy a traditional Christmas tree. Instead, we had a Christmas tree sticker and placed it on our kitchen wall. It was so little fuss to set up but oh my goodness did we get a lot of compliments on that Christmas tree.

There were just so many things to like about this gorgeous low fuss tree compared to our usual.  It didn’t shed leaves and no hours and hours of untangling lights were included  – there are an awful lot of benefit to Christmas Tree wall stickers


Christmas tree wall stickers

tree wall stickers


Calming tree wall stickers

I find that images of nature always make me feel more serene. They bring a clam to my home that infuses it with peace.

This lovely white tree sticker is just beautiful isn’t it and  I find it strike a stylish, minimalist vibe that would make me feel very chilled. natur and minimalism combined bring s the ultimate clarity to  home decor scheme.

Images of nature have been scientifically proved to help people de-stress so tree wall stickers would not simply be aesthetically pleasing but could be a real boost for your mental and emotional health too.



Tree Wall Stickers


Tree Wall Stickers at center parcs

I once stayed for a week in a forest park and in our lodge covering one whole wall were tree stickers of forest images. It was so lovely and made us feel so rested. Even my young children commented on the impact. of the decor in our lodge and that really is not something they would ever do. It beings a new meaning to forest lodge when you have a great big tree picture on your wall doesn’t it and it is certainly a way of bringing the outside in!


Stylish tree wall stickers

Trees can also bring an uber-stylish design feature to a room. I love the look of the nordic trees – such a folk vibe that makes for a cosy space. There is something childlike and homely about folk art isn’t there that is universlaly pleasing and nver ages. Almost like a fairy tale. 


Tree Wall Stickers


Monochrome tree stickers

And what about this monochrome tree? Wouldn’t it work so well in a minimalist, geometrically inspired theme? I love how unfussy yet quirky it is. A minimalist theme always floats my boat. 


monochrome tree

More tree wall stickers


Nature Inspired –  using wall stickers to bring the outside in

I often write about bringing nature into your home interiors.  Realistic views of nature create that lovely rustic and earthy feel to your home. It makes us feel so peaceful doesnt it and as though we are  seamless part of the landscape too. 



tree wall stickers




Fun stickers

I do love these stair stickers, they are great fun and definitely different. A really quirky addition to an often boring staircase.Stairways often do not get the attention they deserve so I love they c get a little fuss and styling this way 


tree stickers on stairs

Tree Wall Stickers make for the funkiest of stairs don’t you think? So  much fun and a lovely little decor surprise too 


  And how about this forest door sticker? You would wonder what you were walking in to, wouldn’t you?



door tree sticker



Vinyl Rugs and trees

If you want to bring home inspired design and decor to your floor then vinyl rugs are a brilliant addition to your home. So easy to apply and an inexpensive and stylish design feature.


trees on vinyl rig


Thee really are just so many ways to use tree stickers imaginatively in our home to make your decor look and feel amazing – i likr the fact they are a little quirky and a bit different same same same in home ecor is juts very dull don’t you find. And  of course there is something lovely about trees


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