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Trending Colour Schemes to Create a Professional Work Environment

Creating the most professional work environment for any business is an important part of the ownership and management. One of the ways in which you can achieve this is through hiring commercial painters and decorators that have the knowledge and experience to ensure your office space looks the part and inspires employees to perform above and beyond their expectations.

As with every year, 2022 has its own set of trends that fit in with commercial décor and colour schemes. Creating the perfect working environment will depend on the type of business you run, the impact you want to have on your employees, your customers, and for overall brand perception. With the right colour scheme, you can create the most professional working environment that sets the tone for what you want to achieve as a company.


Different factors to consider in 2022

There are a few different factors that are considered when decorating commercial premises in 2022, across a few different sectors. One of the biggest to focus on right now is mental health. There must be a focus on inclusivity and the mental wellbeing of employees for any business of today. Alongside that, looking at sustainability and the environment is also a big factor.

Learning how to incorporate these values into décor is a skill in itself, and that’s where your choice of commercial painters and decorators comes to be incredibly important. On top of that, it is important for commercial decorators and painters to consider not just the immediate future but the next few years. What you find with commercial premises is that they are not redecorated that often. This means that there is a danger that a premises looks and feels outdated quite quickly. Think about what you want your office to look like in 5 years’ time and work from there.

Hospitality sector – this is a sector that often fires the imagination, looking to the future and interesting ways to decorate, to use space in intriguing and exciting ways, and to push the envelope.

Education market – inclusivity and sustainability will certainly continue to be a central part of any painting and decorating themes within the education sector. Architects and designers will come together to create exciting palettes that inspire students and learning.

Commercial office spaces – mental health and productivity is the focus for many office spaces in 2022 and beyond. Cooler colour tones are used to ensure there are spaces to calm and destress within an otherwise productive and busy environment.


Trending Colour Schemes


What to expect from colour trends

What we are seeing in many commercial design and colour trends in 2022 is that there has been a shift towards warmer colour tones, away from the sharp, dark tones of the last ten years or so. An orange or a yellow might be the likely central colour theme in a commercial premises, whilst deep green has shifted away from the main focal colour point to a deep neutral, in the way that a dark blue was seen that way for years.

The trend for eco design within commercial premises continues to expand and this year has been no different. Design choices that are based on functionality and sustainability ensure that the colour tones used reflect this, such as greens, blues, and other ‘natural’ colours.


How do colours impact office moods?

It is well known that colours have a big impact on our wellbeing. The right choice (or a bad choice) of colour used to decorate an office space can have a massive effect on employees and their productivity. Red is an urgent colour that could be used in an office space to denote a productive area where you need to be switched on and ready to focus and work. Red can be a driving force for creativity too, whilst yellow is another inspiring colour.

Blue is at the opposite end of the spectrum, a cool and calming colour and the perfect tone for office and workplaces that are less physical in nature and where there is a requirement for focus, such as a management space or an accountancy firm. Green is also a colour that is used to cool an area, like blue. It helps to relieve stress and to improve productivity, so is often used within the painting and decorating services for commercial premises. Green is also a colour that accentuates natural light, helping to make a place feel brighter and bigger.


Trending Colour Schemes


Transform your working areas

A new look and the correct choice of colour scheme will help to transform your professional workspace and inspire improved productivity with your employees. Commercial painters and decorators understand the best way to approach projects such as this, ensuring that your business looks the part and utilises the colour trends of today and the near future to do so.

As you can see, hiring the service of a company that provides commercial painting in London will help you to drastically improve the working environment you have set up. With the right advice from commercial painters and decorators you can transform your place of business and be at the vanguard, choosing the trending colour schemes of 2022 to boost productivity and employee happiness.

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