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Cute Church Outfit Ideas – Including Womens Church Suits

Cute Church Outfit Ideas

Cute church outfit ideas are not always easy to come by are they? When I do go to church I always like to look smart, something my dad instilled in me from being small. I also like to look modest. I know what you wear shouldn’t really matter but I just feel kind of respectful dressing up for the church.


Cute Church Outfit Ideas


I do think it is possible to look trendy as well as modest and find just the right outfit that you will be able to wear for other occasions too. Lets take a look at a coupld of inspirational outfits that might just help you out when wondering what to wear on a visit to God’s house.


Cute Church outfit ideas – dresses

I’d like to show you 5 class casual outfits that will fit perfectly for the church and that will look fashionable and cute too. I hope you like them I think they are all fit for purpose and look lovely too


cute church outfit ideas



Cute Church Outfit Ideas – skirts

Such a simple but stylish dress with fun leaf print is great for visiting a church – a perfect trendy and cute church outfit ideas. A-line three quarter sleeve midi dress in navy blue colour with white print just what you need as in the church you don’t need to demonstrate your long beautiful legs and perfect figure.  But this look despite its modest character allows highlighting slightly the waist with the help of a pink belt.





The beige pencil midi skirt with a striped top is also a nice choice when you decide to visit a church. This stunning look is completed thanks to the green jacket and cute bag. You can wear this to so many other places too.


Cute Church Outfit Ideas – maxi skirts





A maxi skirt fits well if you’re going to the church. Here we have a pretty example of the maxi skirt that is both clever and chic. This grey pleated high waist skirt with contrasting piping and fashion hip pockets matched with a simple white top is a splendid church outfit idea.




Cute Church Outfit Ideas – Womens Church suits

Women church suits look great and they don’t have to be formal!


Dressy trousers as a good option for the church never go out of style. This is such a cool combo. The pants with a striped shirt and cardigan above look prudent (even accessorised with a massive necklace), but at the same time gorgeous and stylish.


Cute Church Outfit Ideas



I also think jeans are also a nice option with a women’s church suit jacket but perhaps not too tight or torn jeans. A classic white shirt with a black jacket above and jeans is just perfect. Here leopard print shoes make this look fashion-forward.


Cheap womens church suits

Just a quick word on cheap church suits. You really do not have to get yourself out of pocket on your quest to look good at church. Care and attention to pressing it well, making sure your hair is neat and shiny and your shoes are polished will mean a cheap church suit need not look cheap at all.

So as you can see it`s not so difficult to choose the right, cute church outfit ideas! What do YOU think?


Cheap womens church suits


Cute Church outfit ideas

There really can be varied and inexpensive as long as they are modest and well considered you are good to go!


cute church outfit ideas is a feature post – if you love fashion you might also like my post on mens fashion trends in 2020


 I would love to know what you wear to church and where you get your outfit inspiration form for modest but stylish clothing?


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