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Trendy Clothes for Babies

What do you think about trendy baby clothes?

I know met people think it is a waste of money as babies can get sick and spoil their clothes with accidents. Others think trendy baby clothes are just fabulous and take great delight  in dressing their baby beautifully. I was like that when my kids were babies I just absolutely LOVED dressing my kids up beautifully. 

What do you think about this?

Dressing up babies is fun in my book! Your baby is your pride and joy after all so why wouldn’t you show them off  to everyone dressed beautifully and looking their best, 

If you are after boutique baby clothing then  Nixons Closet Baby Clothing is a great place to head. Nixons Closet sell the most stylish children’s clothing at great prices so you get the designer look without the designer price tag. 

Now that’s MY kind of shopping.

Trendy Clothes for Babies


They have unusual quirky cool and personalized clothing and accessories and you would seriously have the best dressed baby in town in this little leopard romper that they sell. And the matching head band – well it is just too cute isn’t it. Grrr. 


Trendy Clothes for Babies


They also sell nappy bags and you could really go to town and co-ordinate with you little one his way too.  Bapy bags are traditionally a bit boring bt i think you will agree that this one is right on trend and doesn’t actually look  like a nappy bag at all does it?




 I love their lounge sets best for babies. they come in an array of colours and look super comfy.Wish they did them in my size too! The little trousers are som uch easier than obnsies for nappy changes too. And they are unisex so prefect for keeping in case you have another baby.


You baby could even be the belle of the ball at her swimming class with a stunning swim outfit like this one – those sunglasses are the best are’t they! 



Trendy Clothes for Babies


And oh hello! have you ever seen anything quite as cute as these pink pineapple pj’s? Oh my goodness they look so cool and fresh and are just so fashionable too.


Trendy Clothes for Babies

Just utterly adoreable trendy baby clothes. 


Why bother with trendy baby clothes

Having a baby can be tiring and overwhelming despite the fact it is heartwarming, amazing and well just absolutely fantastic. On a tricky day a fab baby outfit can really life your spirits and so what if it is an indulgence?

You and your baby deserve to look your best and have a bit of a treat and honestly they will never look quite so cute as they do when they are teeny tiny.  You must get some cue photos to capture these precious times. 

Trendy Clothes for Babies are worth the bother.


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