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A Trip to London Book Fair

A Trip to London Book Fair

A few years ago I ran quite a successful book reviews blog for kids…then my kids grew up and now read their own books and so now I can’t really review them as much because when I ask them to tell me about their books and they just mutter ‘yeah it was good’ mostly and wander off.

I miss those days of snuggles and stories.I still get one or two in with my 7 year old but she”s more likely to be buried in Malory Towers these days and shooing me away.

I absolutely loved reviewing children’s books, I loved the simple stories the rhymes the often stunning illustrations.

When I was invited on a press trip as a blogger to London Book fair I was beyond exited. I am totally fascinated by how the whole publishing industry works and I was interested to see it all in motion.

I collected my best friend Naomi also an author and off we went. I walked into his huge exhibition centre at Earls Court and it was like the best Christmas ever. Huge display stands were signposting children’s books for all ages and of all genres. I was dazzled by science fiction, baby books, 3d books , puzzle books, books form around the world and fabric books. It went on and on.

The giant roller banners were displaying new releases and the faces of famous authors many of whom were there. I was in children’s book heaven. I got to speak to many of the publisher I had reviewed for and the whole day was exciting. It was a very special exhibition for me.


A Trip to London Book Fair & Bookaid

London Book fair this year was supporting a charity dear to my heart Bookaid Bookaid send books to Africa to the poorest of children to give the children a chance to learn and develop.

Now my days of attending such fab exhibitions are done and my children no long clamour for me to read to them this is something I would like to support instead.



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