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Best Tropical Wallpaper Ideas – Beautiful Design for your Home

I am a big fan of tropical wallpaper.

What are your thoughts on tropical wallpaper?

It certainly makes an impact and today I am going to show you how you can use it great effect in your interior design.


Tropical Wallpaper


Vivienne leaf tropical wallpaper

I am a recent convert to wallpaper so you might think my heart would be won by subtler patterned papers, wouldn’t you? But no, I can tell you I am enthralled by tropical wallpaper. I am all in where wallpaper goes these days, and the tropics are making me happy!

I do have strong minimalist tendencies, as regular readers will know, and tropical wallpaper would not immediately align style wise with minimalism, would it?

Maybe I am a secret maximalist, maybe I desperately yearn for a tropical holiday after a miserable year in lock down? Who knows?

What I do know is this beautiful wallpaper range floats my boat and I have been having a think about how and where I could use it around my home. 

I have been looking at the tropical wallpaper range at I Love Wallpaper and oh wow they have some great options.

Lets’ take a little tour and see which of their wallpapers would work in each of the rooms of my home.




Tropical Wallpaper in the Bathroom

So bathrooms are traditionally a bit dull, aren’t they? Well, mine is for sure. It is white and spotlessly clean. That is about all I have to say for it. It has a couple of plants and one small pale blue picture of some mountains. Yawn. It is only a small room so I thought this sparse effect would make it seem bigger but actually all it has done is make it seem dull.

It is crying out for some wallpaper like this! 

What do you think? Is it OTT or do you think it adds some much needed interest. I have to say I think it is really rather fabulous.


palm leaf wallpaper


How fantastic does this Palma Tropical Wallpaper look – it certainly would liven up my boring bathroom! 


Tropical wallpaper in the bedroom

We have just invested in a lovely soft grey armchair in our bedroom and a pink throw to compliment it. The walls have been pale blue for about 10 years now and totally in need of updating and modernising. The bedroom is not a room I would want to inject colour – I like it very plain in regard to colour but pattern it does need! 

The mono banana leaf wallpaper is surprising and stylish but without being too much for a room that is all about feeling zen.

What do you think? Would this float your boat?

I would definitely keep it to one wall but yes! what a style statement that tropical wallpaper would make indeed! 

Design is so very personal isn’t it – you have to really focus on what works for you rather than what is currently cool.


Tropical Wallpaper


Tropical wallpaper in the lounge

The mumbai tropical wallpaper in blush pink is so pretty and luxe.

It would look so beautiful in our lounge with pale grey or blush sofas.

Doesn’t  give off a relaxing and romantic vibe? and it is just that bit different too isn’t it..not too in your face but cetainly a step up and a half form boring old white walls. Woudl you dare to have a wallpaper like this up in your lounge / den? Drop me a comment i would love to hear your thoughts


Tropical Wallpaper


Dramatic Palm Leaf tropical Wallpaper

If I wanted a more dramatic living room though I would plump for the midnight tropics mural in navy.  Now this is absolutely impactful isn’t it? This is my husband’s favourite and it really does pack a style punch! Murals are a great option for living rooms. 


palm leaf wallpaper


Tropical wallpaper for a Conservatory

If ever a room was suited to tropical wallpaper, it must be a garden room or conservatory, don’t you think? How I love a well turned out conservatory – they are often just so neglected aren’t they?

This palmetto wallpaper would work beautifully in our conservatory set off buy lots of lush green plants and our rattan sofas. 


tropical wallpaper


Palm Leaf tropical wallpaper for the kitchen/dining area

My kitchen could do with an injection of fun too – it is currently a very practical room with no style at all.  I hate to say it but it is very boring and not at all interesting or a room to be proud of. We need to change that up!

I am LOVING this tropicana floral leaf wallpaper and it just rocks a kitchen, don’t you think! 

I would be proud to show off a kitchen looking like this!  (it might hide the disaster or at least detract from that is my cooking too!) 


Tropical Wallpaper


The benefits of tropical wallpaper

sing tropical wallpaper in interior design can offer several benefits, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and ambiance of a space. Here are five benefits of tropical wallpaper:

  1. Creates a Relaxing Atmosphere: Tropical wallpapers often feature lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and exotic wildlife, creating a calming and relaxing ambiance reminiscent of tropical paradises. This can make a room feel more tranquil and serene.
  2. Adds Visual Interest: Tropical wallpaper patterns are often intricate and visually appealing. They add depth and interest to walls, making the room more vibrant and dynamic. The bold and lively patterns can serve as a focal point in any space.
  3. Brings Nature Indoors: Tropical wallpapers allow you to bring the beauty of nature indoors. The imagery of tropical plants and animals can make inhabitants feel more connected to the natural world, even when they are inside. This connection to nature has been shown to reduce stress and improve well-being.
  4. Versatility in Design: Tropical wallpapers come in various styles, from subtle palm leaf patterns to bold and colorful designs featuring tropical birds and flowers. This versatility allows homeowners to find a style that suits their aesthetic preferences, whether they prefer a more minimalist or eclectic design scheme.
  5. Ideal for Statement Walls: Tropical wallpaper works exceptionally well as an accent or statement wall. By applying the wallpaper to one wall, it can serve as a focal point in the room, adding drama and character without overwhelming the entire space. This is a cost-effective way to transform a room without committing to wallpapering the entire area.

In summary, tropical wallpaper can transform a room by creating a relaxing atmosphere, adding visual interest, bringing nature indoors, offering design versatility, and serving as an ideal option for statement walls.



Final thoughts on tropical wallpaper

So, there you have it, tropical wallpaper for every room in my home.

I have to say doing every room in may be a bit much though! But the odd splash here and there would create an interesting, beautiful, and rich look in a home, and I am sold on this exotic idea of bringing the tropics to my Midlands abode.


Tropical Wallpaper – Beautiful Design Ideas for your Home is a collaborative post 


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