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How to be your True Self

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I have often wondered what people mean when they say they want to find their true self. I have always been a very genuine person.

I can say hand on heart that I have no pretensions so surely that means I am my own true self..right?




How to be your True Self

Except lately I have been wondering.

I was always brought up to ‘do the right thing’ and to me this means I juggle stay at home parenting with earning a full time wage. Not easy but it means I get the best of both worlds. Or do I?

When I was a little girls I had huge plans and dreams and ambitions. I wanted to be a spy, a vet, prime minister, a really good therapist and a pioneering social worker. Now I write for a living about creativity, parenting, living well on a budget and homemaking.

I like writing don’t get me wrong but a large part f the reason I do it is because it is non-stressful and fits into the flexibility I need my job to have. But is this truly what I am meant to be doing?  Or have I just taken the people pleasing convenient option. I’d still quite like a bash at changing the world.

Psychic readings have always indicated that I should work in a healing way and if I asked my oldest and closest friends I do believe they would agree that healing or helping in some way is my true calling. If I am honest in my self-reflection I do know I am not really doing what I am naturally gifted to do.  I am a qualified psychotherapist and social worker yet day to day I don’t use these hard won qualifications and it really is a shame.

Somehow I have to align this true self with not upsetting the apple cart. I am not convinced I can. My children need me, my health limits me and we need my flexibility as we have little support with childcare.

I need to think about all this but I also need to remain honest and really try to get back to being my true self.

Are you in the right place.. do you know how to be your true self?



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