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Turn your garden into an evening sanctuary

With the onset of summer and so many of us working from home, our gardens have become more significant, providing refuge from our home offices and the trials and tribulations of everyday life. However, gardens aren’t just for the daytime. A clever combination of lighting and outdoor features can add on hours of garden time that stretches into the evening.

garden into an evening sanctuary

Choose solar

One disadvantage with cordless lights is the hassle of replacing batteries and the matter of hiding ugly wires. Why not go solar? Not only are they easy to install, cost effective and minimise your environmental impact, you can also utilise the summer days to load your lights up on power so they can shine on through the evening. That doesn’t mean they won’t work in England’s signature grey skies! In fact, a single south-facing panel can receive 1000 kilowatt-hours each year.

What’s more, you also have far more opportunities to be creative. You can choose solar lights that match the theme of your garden for the ultimate fairy-tale moment.


Invest in a summerhouse

Avoid having Britain’s rainy temperament ruin your evening by investing in a summerhouse for your garden. Having a space with shelter allows you to still take in the beauty of your garden and transport you to a world of relaxation and comfort even in the dampest of weather. You could even use it during the day as a home office if you need a change of scenery.

Turn your garden into an evening sanctuary
Add comfort 

Give your garden and outdoor spaces the glow-up they deserve with a mix of driveway spotlights, warm lanterns, babbling water features, comfy cushions, fuzzy blankets, fairy lights and candles. It can be easy to neglect places after the sun has gone down, but by adding a mix of outdoor features to your favourite spaces, you create warm and cosy pockets of space in which to enjoy a glass of red as the stars come out. Watch your balconies and patios take on a different appearance after dark and let your personality shine.


Light up the gazebo

And they don’t have to be hung in the trees; there are plenty of ways to give your garden some sparkle. Try threading some lights through a gazebo or pergola. Pretty and cosy, solar lights are perfect for this setting, creating a laid back, cosy vibe that can be customised however you see fit. Choose between fairy lights, colourful lanterns or larger bulbs for a more industrial look and have fun experimenting with different styles. And with the added benefit of being cordless, you can count your trip hazard as zero.



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