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Turn your Problem Property into a Dream Home

Turn your Problem Property into a Dream Home

Most of us aren’t yet living in our dream home but have made a tentative step onto the property ladder.  Whether you’re thinking of trying to increase your property’s value to make the move to somewhere bigger, or are looking at ways of making the most of what you have, there are some fundamental improvements you can make.





So, how do you turn your problem property into a dream home?


Fix the Roof

One problem that frequently comes up on house buyer surveys is a problem with the roof.  If you are currently putting off dealing with a leaky, poorly maintained roof, then now is the time to do something about it.

Problems can be as small as slipped tiles, missing lead flashing and blocked gutters, or much bigger issues that will require substantial work.  Whether it’s the cost of replacing a tile or the cost of a new roof, these issues need to be taken seriously. 



Add Floorspace

One of the best ways to add value to your home, and make it more attractive to potential buyers, is to increase the living space.

There are plenty of ways to do this, from the expensive to the more affordable.  Common ways to add space include venturing into the loft space or adding a conservatory.  Loft conversions are great as long as there is enough head height in the roof space.  You’ll also need to make sure that adding a set of stairs won’t encroach too much on your existing bedroom space.  Similarly, conservatories are a great solution as long as they don’t take up the whole of the garden space.

Extensions, cellar conversions, converting integral garages and taking out partition walls are other ways to add space, but again you’ll need to weigh up whether these make financial sense.



All the Mod Cons

Adding the desirable elements that young buyers really want will always increase value.  When adding features (like great new stairways) to a house that you’re going to be living in for a while, you need to think carefully.  Go for improvements that you will get something out of.

If you’re a busy family, adding a downstairs toilet or an extra shower room will no doubt make your lives better as well as making the house attractive to buyers.  Whereas, if you’re living in a country cottage, adding a wood burning stove might make more sense.



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