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TV Beds – and their benefits

Tv Beds – did you know they were even a ‘thing?’


TV Beds

Do you watch TV in bed?

Many of us love watching TV in bed as a way to relax at the end of the day – its a nice way to wind down isn’t it. I just love to snuggle up and watch a movie ( Or Marie Condo cleaning which is my current Netflix favourite)

I have to say though I do have a problem with having a TV in my bedroom. I find it really jarring to all that a feel  a bedroom should look like,

TV Beds


My bedroom, my sanctuary,

I don’t know about you but for me, a bedroom should be a place of serenity and zen-like calm against the chaos of the day (and to be honest the chaos of my kids.) I like a bedroom to have very little in it apart from a bed, wardrobes and maybe a dressing table and bedside tables. I like light and airy bedrooms that look peaceful and simple.

Occasionally I will accessorise with a little bunch of flowers and at a push, I will permit a small pile of books on the bedside table but that really is all I want to see in my bedroom

Oh, how much does a TV absolutely NOT fit into that vision!

But still, it is there in my bedroom looknng large and ugly perched upon a chest of drawers. Ick. How I long for it to be gone.

But yet, I still so enjoy watching it.


Are TV Beds The Solution

Oh, how I love a simple and smart solution to my interior decor problems and this is really the answer to all my TV versus serenity woes.

A TV bed.

Have you heard of TV beds? They are basically beds that have a TV hidden in them at the end that you can remotely control to rise up when you wish and press again to have it hidden away.

Such a simple and superb solution to a tricky dilemma. The very aptly named  TV Beds specialise in supplying a large range of high-quality TV beds for you to choose from. TV beds can be singles, doubles or king size. Plus you can easily get the TV installed by a professional if you need any assistant”


tv beds

These TV beds come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics so really can fit with any type of bedroom.

They are designed not only to make your bedroom an oasis of calm and serenity but also to help you stay all tucked up warm and cost within your bed whilst you watch TV.

Controlled and lifted electronically from within its compartment at the base of the bed this facility means you don’t have to lift a finger or even get out of your warm, cosy bed. Many of our TV beds also come with Ottoman storage allowing extensive storing space under your mattress. A great space saver it means you finally have somewhere to store your collection of DVDs.


TV Beds – final thoughts

These are  are such a simple and ingenious design solution, aren’t they? You still keep your bedroom looking lovely yet you get the perks of having a TV in your room. Winning


Over to you

Do you have one? Did you even know about TV beds?  Is it something you fancy?

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