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Twig Crafts – 7 beautiful Ways to Use Tree Branches and Twigs.


twig crafts

Twig Crafts


Why Twig Crafts?

We live in an age of technology, and while that has been really helpful in many ways, it has also led us to be all cooped up indoors, hardly getting out as much as we used to. And while that’s troubling, it is even more concerning with our children doing it.

So if you’ve got a kid who’s not getting out as much and you’re looking to get him to spend some time outdoors, or are just looking for some fun nature themed craft projects you could get him started on, here’s a bit of help your way.

Read on to discover 7 super fun and interesting ways to use tree branches and twigs- get your kid to pick up a few while you are out taking a walk with him, and use it to create these super fun and interesting DIY items.


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Twig Crafts  – Wall Decor

One of the simplest and most innovative ways to utilize those twigs your kid picked up is to use them to create a nice wall decor. Take inspiration from Pinterest and let your kid settle down with a moderately easy project that involves gluing things together and painting them.

If you’re still not sure which direction to take this, you can settle down and create a simple heart shaped wall hanging by gluing twigs to each other while arranging them on a heart shaped cardboard cut-out. Once the glue dries up completely, you can then get your kid to paint over it, and tie it from a branch using a string.


Twig Crafts – Monogram Letters

Why not  create a fun monogram letter that your child can place on their desk or hang it on the door to his room? It’s actually pretty easy! Simply get them to collect small and thin twigs while taking a walk outside, get them home and first wash and dry them completely.

Then trace and cut out a medium sized initial on a piece of cardboard or brown cardstock. Using a glue gun or a strong holding glue, paste the twigs one below the other such that they cover the entire letter. To lend the letter a bit of texture, also layer it up with some more twigs and allow them to overlap with each other. And that’s it!


Sleek Jewelry Holder from Twig Crafts

The next time you and your child go outdoors, ask them to hunt for a branch that has a few other smaller branches, and get it home. You can then get them to turn this into a fantastic and amazingly easy jewelry holder.

Depending on the size and shape, you can get your child to first decorate the branch by painting over it, drawing patterns on it using colored markers, polishing it up and then hanging their favorite pieces of jewelry and/or accessories over it- think scarves, necklaces and even caps.


Rustic Twig Frame (Twig Crafts can be practical too!)

Oh yes- once your child  makes these, you’ll be tempted to have them replicate this with all the photo frames in your home. Start off with a simple square shaped frame, clean it and encourage them  to apply glue all over the sides. Then, carefully arrange the thin twigs over it, filling the entire periphery.

Allow it to dry completely and you can then have your kid decorate it the way he wants to- by painting over it, gluing tiny flowers, fake leaves, sequins and other decoratives over it. 

twig crafts

fabulous twig crafts

Branch Toy Shelf

And if your kid is enjoying trying their hands out at all these nature themed activities, here’s another amazing one that you can get him to try. What’s best is the fact that it can turn out to be useful for his room too!

Ask them to find a thick branch the next time he goes outdoors, preferably thick enough that plush toys can be placed on it. Get them to wash it, dry it and then paint over it if needed. Then, help him put it up on the wall by drilling a hole into it and pushing it into a hook or securing it in another way.

Let your kid then arrange their favorite toys on it!


Rustic Ceiling Light Twig Crafts

If you’ve got some extra bulbs lying around, this little DIY project could be an excellent one to get your kid started on if you’re planning to get your kid engrossed in a fun and interesting nature themed activity.

Start by letting him pick a couple of tree branches, preferably ones that have many other smaller branches and then sit down with him to secure the lightbulbs over the branches with the wire string. Depending on the area the branch covers, you may need to use less or more light bulbs, spaced irregularly around the entire branch, so that it lends the entire setup a nice, rustic feel.

And that’s it! Put it up on the ceiling, secure it and turn it on!


Twig Crafts

Twig Crafts

Branch Candle Holder – Twig Crafts

And last, but not the least, you can use a chunk of a big branch, punch a couple of (or more) holes into it, and use those depressions to hold your tea light candles. This can make for an excellent rustic piece of home decor that you can set up in the living room.

You can also take it up a notch and make multiple of these, one for each room of the house.

Another cool idea is to twist and twirl colorful ribbons around each twig and glue it nicely so that the entire twig is covered. You can then get your kid to utilize these twigs to create fun ornaments for a Christmas tree, or glue them to the outside of an empty toilet paper roll and use it as a pen holder for his desk!

When it comes to utilizing items from nature and turning them into useful and attractive home decor essentials, the possibilities are endless! After your kid has tried a couple or more of these projects, you can also let him take charge and experiment with ideas on his own!


Twig Crafts

Twig Crafts


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