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Types of Ceiling Lights – 5 of the Best

Do you explore types of ceiling lights for your home or do you simply go for standard fittings each and every time?

If your default setting is to go for a standard pendant ceiling light no matter what the room I urge you to rethink. You are missing an amazing design opportunity. 

Ceiling lights can add so much to a room. Types of ceiling lights that would work with my decor are something that I, as an interiors blogger, always consider . I like to make a feature of my lights and I love to explore what is on offer.

Today I am going to show you 5 of my favourite kinds of ceiling lights and how and where I would use them. 

All the lights I am going to show you are from John Lewis  which goes to show you really don’t have to shop around to get variety, you just have to think through your design choices. 



I would usually only have spotlights in the kitchen as they have an industrial feel that I think beings best to the kitchen as it works with both wood and the stainless steel. Spotlights not only look cool they can also really work to shine a light on food preparation and in this way they can be immensely practical.

 It is possible I would use a spotlight in the bathroom too , perhaps over a make up mirror to really help focus light on a specific area.


Types of Ceiling Lights



Flush lights

Flush ceiling lights don’t hang like pendant lights but, as the name suggests, they sit flush to the ceiling. These are brilliant if you want to spread light across a room and to create a soft vibe. I like to use these in bedrooms or bathrooms as the light they give off is relaxing.


Types of Ceiling Lights



Pendant lights

Pendant lights can range from pretty ordinary to on trend and a design feature of all of their own. A pendant light draws the eye and can become a focal point in a room.  I like to see them in hallways and in lounges. They can come in all sorts of materials from paper to glass, crystal to bamboo, copper to bronze and pretty much any other material you can imagine. A pendant light can be absolutely chosen to align with your room design and colours.


Types of Ceiling Lights


Chandelier ceiling lights

A chandelier is a light suspended from the ceiling which has multiple light bulbs usually on multiple tiers. These are usually glass and they are often intricate and beautiful. Again a hallway of lounge wound be the perfect spot for a chandelier.


Types of Ceiling Lights


Utility or strip lighting

These types of lights are usually rectangular, slim and basic andthey work well in a garage, laundry room or toolshed. They add a great deal of brightness and are energy efficient with no fuss or frills. Not exciting but certainly practical and so useful in a functional home.


Types of Ceiling Lights – so many choices! 

So I think it is easy to see not all lighting is the same. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to types of ceiling lights. I haven’t even mentioned recessed lighting, semi  flush lights or track and rail lighting yet!

Next time you come to invest in ceiling lights do have a good look around you will be surprised and delighted by the choices available and they can do a great deal to highlight, compliment and upgrade your room.


Types of Ceiling Lights is s Collaborative post 


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