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Typology Review – Best French Minimalist Skincare Products

Typology Review

I was delighted to be asked to undertake a Typology Review.

My skincare routine was in need of an overhaul and I hade been hitting the sun and worrying far too much lately.Mmy skin was dry and lines, lacking in moisture, uneven and ageing. I had also been extremely ill earlier this year and spent two months on a hospital ward. Help was needed!

Typology is a clean,  genderless Paris based skincare brand and luckily for me, they have just launched here in the UK.


Typology Review

Typology Review


About Typology

Typology was created by Ning Li founder of MADE.com so you know it’s going to be a pared-back, minimalist, stylish. quality brand. Typology products are active, effective and sustainable and most importantly natural. I was won over by this and their cleanly designed packaging even before it arrived. I also love that it is vegan.


A Skin Diagnosis for my Typology Review

In order to determine what my skincare needs were and what products were suitable for my skin, I undertook the Typology diagnostic test online –  simply answering a few questions about me and my lifestyle. Once complete they sent me my results with a prescription to meet my skincare needs.

“The distinction between 4 types of skin – combination, normal, oily and dry – is commonly used in cosmetics. But your skin is so much more complex than that. For that reason, we determined a matrix of 24 skin typologies, according to a scientific methodology so we can understand you and advise you better”

I was intrigued to find out my diagnosis!


My Typology review diagnosis was that I have type VE skin

Here is what it said about that…


You’re like 10% of typologists.

In the everyday life of VE(-) skin

VE(-) skin, deficient in sebum, needs special attention. Your skin is known to react to its environment, sometimes in excess. In some cases, your skin can redden quite easily, especially after cleansing, exposure to the sun, heat or, conversely, cold weather.

Expression wrinkles are visible even when your muscles are resting. Your skin may present a few scattered pigmentation spots, depending on your phototype. When kept hydrated and nourished, your skin is more elastic and reduces visible signs of ageing. Rebuilding the hydrolipidic film of the VE(-) skin and protecting it from the sun is essential to cope with the external aggressions your skin deals with on a daily basis, including UV exposure, pollution, and cold weather, which may accelerate the skin ageing process.


Here are the poducts I was advised to trial on my Typology Review



Hydrating Serum — 3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5

30ml — 1 fl.oz. | £19.80
Typology Review
for Wrinkles / Fine lines
Eye Contour Serum — 3% Q10 + Macadamia oil
15ml — 0.5 fl.oz. | £15.80
Typology Review
for Wrinkles / Fine lines and Areas of sagging skin
Firming moisturizer — 0.2% Retinol + tsubaki oil
50ml — 1.6 fl.oz. | £22.80
Typology Review


Hydrating cleansing bar with palmarosa

100g | £11.80
Typology Review
Antioxidant Serum — 3% Ferulic Acid + 3% Resveratrol
30ml — 1 fl.oz. | £25.80
Typology Review
for Wrinkles / Fine lines
Fine Lines & Wrinkles Serum — 0.3%. Retinol
15ml — 0.5 fl.oz. | £14.80

Typology Review – How the products worked for me

All the products felt comfortable on my skin. I had a little skin peeling the first week (the tanned dead skin sloughing away was so satisfying) but at no point did my sensitive skin feel irritated at all. It was a simple and easy routine to get into and within days my skin felt smoother and less bumpy.
2 weeks in my face feels much more moist and smooth and I do think it looks younger too I know I am just at the start of my skincare journey but I am really enjoying using these products and I can feel the effects working well


Before and after my Typology Review

 Typology Review, becky goddard-hill


I do think my skin tone looks more even after a 2-week use and smoother


Typology Review

Typology Review


‘Scuse the hair and eyebrows it has been a long lockdown I was really in need of this!


Loved my Typology Review.

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