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Tyre Care Tips

Tyre Care Tips

Tyres always need care but especially in winter as the weather worsens and the roads are riskier. I am happy to share these 10 tyre care tips with you today and I hope you find them useful.

Tyre Care Tips


10 Top Tyre Care Tips

  • Don’t overload your car. Heavy loads increase wear and tear on cars. Take a look at your boot. I bet you are carting around things you don’t need to.
  • Wherever you live you need to find a great tyre company that sells good quality tyres. It’s far too important for you to buy form just anywhere You can buy good quality tyres in Chingford this winter from Elite Direct Ltd- find a great stockist near you.
  • Keep an eye of your tyre tread. Tyres need to be replaced when they reach 1.6mm remaining in tread depth. Have a look at yours today.
  • The pressure levels in your car need to be high enough  Did you know that under-inflation is the main cause of damage to tyres and can easily be avoided if you keep an eye on it. You can find the right pressure for tyres on your car by looking in your car manual OR if you cannot find that by looking online.
  • The pressure level in your car needs not to be too high. Overinflation can make your driving feel really tight and can cause accidents. See above for getting the pressure levels just right.
  • Spinning is really bad for your tyres so even if you get stuck in the mud ( or snow) this winter do try and void doing. This may cause tyre over-heating and as consequence damage.
  • At least once a month check your tyres over for any signs of damage.
  • Always carry a spare tyre in case of emergencies.
  • Drive smoothly.
  • get your car serviced regularly so it is in good shape and drives well without undue pressure on the tyres.

Tyre Care Tips



So there you go 10 tyre care tips for you. I do hope you action them. They will keep you and your car safe.


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