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Where to Find a Unique Gift for Boys that they will LOVE!

Are you looking for a unique gift for boys that they will love?

Ah, presents, they can be so tricky can’t they? I never have any problems buying  for my nieces but I have  in the past had huge issues trying to find my nephews good birthday and Christmas presents. Luckily I have now found Wicked Uncle who sell the best gifts for nephews – I have 5 nephews – so such a relief to have a good gift source. 

My nephews are a range of ages 11, 12, 13, 15, 17. I adore them but oh how I have agonized over the years about what to get them for gifts!  

I now have so many great options and I am so excited to show you some of them! It is totally possible to buy great boy gifts so read on for some awesome ideas for unique gift for boys 


A Unique Gift for Boys – Air Shot


Gift for Boys


Air Shot is a floating target game that every child will love (and okay, every adult too!) Doesn’t it look fun! 

A current of air makes the balls  float and you compete to see who can shoot them down first with the foam darts. You can even adjust the height of the balls to make it trickier. It works from 12 feet and comes with 10 balls. This is a gift for boys that will go down a storm. 

Air Shot is £19.95


Hydraulic Robot Arm – the perfect gift for boys

I bought my 11 year old nephew one of these last year for Christmas. He was over the moon with his gift. I am always happy when they love their presents and this one went down a storm. 


Gift for Boys


Have to say as well as being great fun both to build and play with there is also a sneaky educational element built into this gift which teaches them engineering, science and mechanics. It is always a winner to combine fun and learning and brilliant for kids to understand how hydraulic power works – it is the stuff of the future after all.

Hydraulic Robot Arm is constructed from 229 pieces so you know this is one gift that will keep them seriously busy and oh the pride they will feel when they have put it all together. Once completed they can  use the different levers to manoeuvre the arm.  The arm  can lift objects that weigh up to 50g.  How awesome is that!

Hydraulic robot arm in £34.95


Retro Games – Fun Gift for Boys

I find it hard to keep up with the games my nephews are playing these days but this mini retro arcade would introduce them to all the games I used to play!

The Mini Retro Arcade Machine has 200 Multi-level Games and can be played on the move so there is tons of entertainment value in this one little gift. It has sound effects, music and full colour and will really bring the 80’s back to life.

Best decade ever!



unique gift for boys


Mini Retro Arcade Machine costs £24.95 – makes the best gift for boys who love a little gaming.


Fabulous ideas for a unique gift for boys

I could carry on showing you cool ideas for a unique gift for boys all day, there are just so many to choose from.

There really is no need to give them boring old cash! 

It is also worth noting that all of these ideas thought don’t just make a unique gift for boys – they are in fact brilliant gift ideas for any age or gender – fun and quirky and just that bit different. Wicked Uncle have load of great gift for boys ideas – do pop over and take a peek.

What was the very best gift you were ever bought?


Where to Find a Unique Gift for Boys that they will LOVE! is a collaborative post 

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