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Unique prints for our Home

I have been looking for unique prints for our Home

I have long been an art lover. I studied A level history and fell in love with Franz Marc aged 18 .

Oh how I would love an original painting of his on my wall with his vibrant colours and simple lines.


Little Yellow Horses - Franz Marc


Matisse too just rocked my world…with the simplicty of his art and yet the beauty.


Unique prints for our Home

This love of colour and simplicity has stayed with me and it is how I decorate my home. I like clean simple lines, no patterns or fuss and I adore primary colours. One friend remarked her children liked my house becuae it looked like one big playroom. Hmm not quite the look I was going for, but glad it made her child happy!

Sadly I do not have the budget for unique pieces of art and have to make do with prints

My children however have other ideas about the things that go on their bedroom walls. Sadly their poster s of choice (shudder ) would be one direction or Moshi Monsters or Beano posters (I think the Beano is rather cool myself actually but…..! ) Oh well you are only a child once I suppose and it is their space! So I have let this go.

However, what I do love them to have in their rooms is a unique piece of art something that creates the feel of it being ‘their ‘ room. My son loves his football team so a print of his team made into a poster at somewhere like InstantPrint.co.uk  Buying a frame the right size means each year we can make a new print and just slot it in. This evolving art pleases him immensely and is a good budget option too. And it’s original.

My daughter is very social and loves to have pictures of her and her friends doing fun things. It is lovely to make these into posters and display these. Again these are both unique and please her hugely and can be updated regularly.

Okay these aren’t original Franz Marc but they are unique wall prints that make our home a home not a house.  I’m also wondering whether to print up some flower photos I have taken recently there as close to original art as I am going to get.


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