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Unravelling the Benefits of a Residential Carport


Uses of a carport


The open style construction of carports has a wide appeal with homeowners in Australia, as they can complement the architecture of new and old homes alike. Rugged, classic, and full of character, there are many ways a carport can make your life easy, from providing extra storage space for gardening equipment and protecting your vehicles from the elements to everything in between.

We asked the experts at Fair Dinkum Builds for the biggest benefits of installing residential carports.


Protecting Your Vehicles from Harsh Weather

A car is one of the biggest expenses most people will ever make and a carport provides them with the ability to protect this hefty investment. Extreme weather conditions – from snow and rain to nonstop UV radiation can take a toll on your car. By keeping your car safely parked in the carport, you can shield it from the elements and extend the life of your car while minimising maintenance.

Moreover, the carport also acts as a deterrent against thieves and vandals, which could reduce your insurance premiums.


Convenience and Accessibility

Have you ever struggled to find a convenient parking space near your home? Have you spent countless hours circling around in parking decks? Have you spent time and money repairing dents and scratches caused by another vehicle?

If so, a carport can save you all the hassle by providing you with a dedicated parking space for your car. The open-style construction of a residential carport makes it convenient to access your car whenever you like.

Not only will you appreciate your very own parking spot, but you will also get the benefit of having your car next door. And on those harsh winter days, you won’t have to worry about the cold as you leave for work. 


Curb Appeal

The carpool is an important focal point that can really amp up the curb appeal of your house. Depending on the construction of the carpool, you’ll be bursting with pride every time you pull up to your home. Moreover, having your vehicle parked in the carpool gives off those serene ‘community’ vibes that will elevate the value of the area itself.

Pro tip: The best thing about carports is that you can build them right next to your garage to further extend your storage space.



The carport is an interesting, versatile space that can be transformed into whatever you want it to be. The most typical use is to park your car and finding extra storage space for off-season items, bulky equipment, and anything else that could be contributing to the clutter in your home.

Make sure to maximise your carport’s storage potential with DIY storage systems that can be found in hardware stores near you.


Save Rent on Storage Units

Having to pay the rent of a storage unit for your car can easily burn a hole in your wallet over time. Your very own carport can save you from having to rent out an entire storage unit. Instead, you can use the money on DIY home improvement projects and improve the curb appeal of your property. 


Easy to Install

Companies such as Fair Dinkum Builds can install carport products for you in a relatively short time period. Once you commission a contractor to build a carport, it will be installed and ready for use within a couple of hours (or days). The exact time frame varies on the size of the carport and if you would require any planning permission. 


Use as Shade

It may sound hard to believe but carports can also double as your outdoor entertaining area. The carport can be used to provide a shed area for children and adults alike. You can also organise small get-togethers with your friends and family in the carport. The carport does a good job of providing year-round protection from the weather.

Pro tip: You can install tin sheeting walls or polycarbonate as extra protection.


Relatively Inexpensive

A carport does not need the flooring to be fully functional. So if the floor is full of dirt or grass – that’s just fine. Depending on your mood and budget, you can opt for different styles of carport flooring such as river rocks, gravel, pavers, and cement.


Eco Friendly

You can choose to minimise the impact on the environment by building eco-friendly residential carports. Many companies provide green alternatives such as steel and wood as building materials. These carports are just as strong and customisable as any. 

Once you’ve decided to install carports, trust the experts at Fair Dinkum Builds for both residential and commercial installation.


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