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Update your bathroom to fit your budget

Update your bathroom to fit your budget – here is how to do  it:

If you’d like to modernise your bathroom but don’t have the budget or time for a full renovation, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to refresh your space. You can save a small fortune by opting to keep the sample layout – this article is full of tips and ideas to give your bathroom and update that fits both your space and budget.



Smaller budget solutions – Update your bathroom to fit your budget

Change your hardware, such as a showerhead, taps, or towel holder. If you’re handy with a drill and have good DIY skills you can often make these changes yourself and save on labour costs. Updating your shower head will not only improve the overall look of the room but also give you a better shower experience every day, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Click here for more ideas on how you can upgrade your home bathroom.


For a low-cost, quick fix you can dress the space with house plants and picture frames or artworks. This will add a homely and cosy atmosphere to what often can feel like a cold space. Just remember to do your homework on which plants are suitable for humid bathroom spaces.

Mid-range cost ideas – Update your bathroom to fit your budget

New lighting will instantly modernise the space and also help create a certain mood and atmosphere. Invest in suitable lighting for your bathroom and to save money, select lights that will fit the same way as the existing light. Updating your toilet seat and lever are a quick way to refresh your look without having to replace the whole toilet.

A new seat and level will instantly elevate your bathroom space, you could experiment with a coloured seat to contrast or work with your colour scheme.

Create a focal point with a new mirror and vanity unit. You could up-cycle an old cabinet and with a lick of paint and a few simple changes, it could be transformed into a practical and stylish washstand. It’s always nice to add a bespoke touch and something unique to your space. It’s also useful to hide away any toiletries or clutter. Here’s how you can upcycle furniture to create your bespoke vanity unit.


Bigger changes that are worth the investment

Tiling is often seen as an expensive solution, although it can be well worth it. Updating your tiles and grout with colour and pattern can help lift your bathroom space. You could choose contrasting grout to create impact or patterned tiles for an exotic style.

There are plenty of ways to pick up cheaper tiles online, in bathroom sales or second hand. Although patterned tiles can be complicated and often need the eye of a professional, if you’re an experienced DIYer, you could take on a simple tiling task such as a splashback. Click here tips on how to tile a wall.


Update your bathroom to fit your budget – Change your bath

Lastly, for an added (but worthwhile) cost, you could choose to update your bath.

This would not only add a beautiful statement piece to your new bathroom but also give you hours of indulgence as you pamper yourself in luxury for years to come.

Although it’s best to remember that changing a bath from built-in to freestanding (and vice-versa) will be an additional cost as it requires significant plumbing work, so stick with the same plumbing to keep costs down.

Update your bathroom to fit your budget


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