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Useful things to do with mason jars

Let’s take a look at some useful things to do with mason jars.

Mason jars were primarily created for canning and preserving. But over the last handful of years, their use has really expanded, and they’re now used for so many things, all ranging from functional to decorative.


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Useful things to do with mason jars

Here are some useful things you can do with your mason jars at home.


Food Storage – Useful things to do with mason jars

Taking inspiration from the original intent of canning, you can use your mason jars to store food in your fridge or your pantry.

They’re great for organizing your dry goods like flour, sugar, rice, etc. You can even use them to store spices! Clear mason jars are perfect for achieving a uniformly organized kitchen, but you can also get creative and decorate them any way you wish.

Of course, we can’t forget about canning! Mason jars work excellently for preserving goods. You can use them for pickling vegetables or making preserves and jams of whatever fruit is in season.

You can even marinate meat with larger mason jars! It’s quick, easy, and generates less waste compared with marinating in a Ziploc bag. If you’re going to freeze the jars, make sure to follow the necessary precautions.

Check out this handy guide on how to freeze your mason jars from Puratium.


Single serving snacks/meals

There are so many little snacks and meals you can make with a mason jar if you keep your mind open. Here are just a couple of ideas:


Chia Pudding/Overnight Oats with useful things to do with mason jars

Making overnight oats is such a simple way to start your morning right. It’s super easy to prepare, and you can make it days ahead of time as part of your meal prepping plan. And the best part is that they’re fully customizable according to your preferences.

You can place your oats in a mason jar, add your milk of choice and some sweetener, mix, and it’s off to the fridge! When you’re ready to eat them, just add your favorite toppings and indulge. Eating your breakfast like this makes for a super quick meal that leaves you full and ready to conquer your day. It’s great as a snack too.

Another option is to make chia pudding. It’s more of a snack than an actual breakfast since you shouldn’t consume too much of it, but it’s still super fun and healthy. Same with the oats, add milk and sweetener, mix, and leave to chill. Add any toppings you want, and voila!

A yummy, healthy snack.


Useful things to do with mason jars


A mason jar is also great for storing salads for lunch at the office or wherever your agenda is for the day. You can mix and match and switch it up as much as you want.

Plus, it’s so much better than buying salads packaged in single-use containers that you’re going to throw away. Why not utilize your mason jars at home and start bringing your own?



Another lovely idea for masons jars is to make them into soup jars. You can add your ingredients, chicken, noodles, vegetables, etc., pop in the fridge, and then take out when it’s mealtime.

Just heat up water and pour it into the jar. There are tons of recipes online, and you can even make one of your own and go crazy! You can make instant noodles with absolutely any topping and sauce you can imagine. Plus, it won’t have any of the unhealthy preservatives you’ll find in regular instant noodles.


Serving Drinks

You’ve probably seen mason jars being used as drink containers and served during parties or gatherings. And if you haven’t tried it out for yourself, it’s time you should!

You can prepare the drinks ahead of time and just stash them in the fridge and serve them when your guests arrive. It saves you a lot of hassle and keeps you organized.

Even if you’re not hosting people and you’re just relaxing at home, mason jars add a touch of fun to whatever your drinking. Hot tea, a latte, juice, basically anything!

If you’re a fan of making drinks at home, they’re also the perfect reusable container for creating syrup designs and adding sinkers or toppings. Making your drinks at home fun and creative is a simple and underrated joy.

Useful things to do with mason jars


If you’ve been looking for pump dispensers for your bathroom or kitchen sink, you need to look no further. Mason jars make great soap or dish wash dispensers! Simply add a pump cap and fill the jar up with your regular hand soap, shampoo, body wash, dish soap, anything you can think of.    

Mason jars are especially great if you buy these items in bulk and need a smaller container to use daily. That way, you won’t have to keep buying the same plastic bottle over and over again.

But it isn’t just limited to soap and other bathroom essentials! You can also use mason jars as spice dispensers. You can add a little spout with some crafting, and you’ll have an excellent way to pour out your herbs and condiments.

You can use your mason jar to dispense—well, anything. Keep your mind open, and you’ll find ways to use them that you’ve never thought of before.


Useful things to do with mason jars



If you love burning candles at home, take a shot at making them yourself. Mason jars are the perfect storage container for homemade candles. They’re safe to use (as long as the wick is a reasonable length) and relatively easy to make.

With some wax, scents, and dyes, you’ll easily have a steady supply of candles. Not only are they cheaper that way, but you can also have a lot of fun making them.

Once you’ve got a handle on the process, you can even experiment with different additions and decorations like glitter and other embellishments. After all, making something useful doesn’t mean you can’t add a little sparkle.


Useful things to do with mason jars


Conclusion on useful things to do with mason jars

Chances are, you’re probably already using your mason jars for at least one of these useful things. And we hope you continue using and reusing them for more practical but creative purposes.

Our suggestions are only a handful in a long list of things you can do with mason jars. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box. You never know what ideas might pop into your head


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