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Useful Tips On What To Add To Your Smoothie As A Diabetic

Diabetes affects millions of people’s lives. A lot of people seem to think that the condition is harmless, but this is not true. In fact, diabetes can lead to heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks, as well as many other things.

If you enjoy drinking smoothies but are a diabetic, then you need to monitor your smoothies’ ingredients carefully. Including certain things could put you at risk of blood sugar spikes, which could hospitalize you.

This post will tell you a few useful tips on what you should add to your diabetic-friendly smoothies.


Useful Tips On What To Add To Your Smoothie As A Diabetic

Including Fiber

As a diabetic, it’s best not to consume too many carbohydrates. However, one type of carbohydrate that’s healthy for diabetics and is not too bad for high blood sugar is fiber, as long as it’s consumed in moderation. Including some fiber in your smoothies can be very beneficial for you, actually. In diabetics, fiber can help to control their blood sugar. Because the body can’t absorb and break down fiber, it doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes as other carbohydrates do. Fiber can also prevent your body from taking in certain fats and also cholesterol, which protects you against heart disease. And, since fiber can’t be digested by the body it is therefore great for filling yourself up while also maintaining a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential if you want to prevent yourself from developing any additional health problems.

Healthful Fats

Certain healthful fats can be very good for you. Diabetics tend to try and completely cut all fats out of their life. However, this isn’t actually necessary. Peanut butter, chia seeds, raw walnuts, raw pecans, and avocado all contain healthy fats, that can actually help to build and maintain a strong immune system. These fats can also help to regulate your blood sugar. Because of this, you should consider including them in your smoothies. Peanut butter in particular can add a lot of flavor to a smoothie or a milkshake. Don’t overdo it with these fats though. Too much of anything can be bad for you.

Use Protein

In your smoothies, you need to include lots of protein. This is especially important if you are substituting meals for smoothies. When you eat a normal diet, you get protein through the food that you eat. However, if you are not going to be eating ordinary foods then you need to make sure that you get protein through your smoothies. There is a lot of protein in peanut butter, as well as in almonds, yogurts, hemp seeds, and low-fat milk. You can use low-fat milk as a base for your smoothie.


Adding Flavor

A lot of people struggle to add flavor to their smoothies when they aren’t using sugar. However, there are still some very effective ways of adding in flavor without heaping in teaspoons of pure sugar. Honey is a good way of adding flavor, as is maple syrup. Both of these things can be suitable in moderation. Also, if you are using fruit in your smoothies then you should know that ripe fruit has a lot more sugar and a lot more flavor. Overripe fruit, if you don’t mind eating it, can be even more flavorful. Make sure it’s still safe to consume if it’s overripe, though.

Fresh Produce

Your smoothies need to be rich in fresh produce, or in other words, fruit and vegetables. Ideally, the produce used in your smoothies should be organic. Make sure that you take some time to research diabetic-friendly fruits before going out to your local farmer’s market and searching for ingredients. While the type of fruit found in fruit and vegetables is healthy and doesn’t pose much of a risk, as a diabetic too much fruit can still cause blood sugar spikes. Blood sugar spikes can be very bad for your health.

Bulk Up

If you are planning on using smoothies as a substitute for meals, then you need to bulk them up. While you might still get all of the nutrients that you need from smoothies, if they aren’t bulked up then you won’t feel full. This will lead to you consuming more than you actually need to, which can, in turn, cause obesity. A good way to bulk your smoothies up is to add a lot of ice to them. Alternatively, you can just add water. Make sure that you treat smoothies like a meal when you drink them and don’t eat afterward.

It can be hard to know what to eat and drink when you are a diabetic. Smoothies are a good way of still getting one’s daily nutrients. You need to make sure that your smoothies are diabetes-friendly, however. If they are not then you could end up experiencing blood sugar spikes. As a diabetic, you likely already know what the consequences of spikes can be.

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