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Brilliant Uses for a Garden Room

Uses for a garden room  – have you been wondering what people do with theirs?


Uses for a garden room

Uses for a garden room


Uses for a garden room

I have always wondered about uses for a garden room. I look at them and think how gorgeous they are and I am intrigued by how people use them. I have a few friends with garden rooms and I have been asking them what they actually use them for and it is interesting quite how differently they are used.

Do you have a garden room – is it on your shopping list this summer?



One of my blogging/vlogging pals keeps her studio lights and tripod set up in her garden room and uses it specifically for making her vlogs. It is full of windows so of course there is lots of natural light too and no distractions form people in the house.

This enables her to vlog in peace in an already set up little studio. What a great use of a garden room. Oh how I would absolutely LOVE this set up myself.  I am garden room green with envy.



All the contemporary /modern garden rooms shown here are from Summerhouse 24


Uses for a garden room – Home office

A few of my friends say they use their garden room as a home office. It’s away off going out to work without going t far. It also can be a really cheap alternative to renting and travelling to an office space. Unlike if you have an office in the house it is MUCH easier to walk away form your garden office and shut the door and immerse yourself back in home life. I work currently in a teeny tiny corner of the kitchen this would be a big improvement


A room of one’s own – the perfect uses for a garden room

Home can be chaotic, can’t it? It can be noisy and busy and cluttered and peace can feel elusive. We all need a room of our own. a space we can read, have a coffee, call up your friends, perhaps read a book or just to be alone with your thoughts. I do think having a little space just to be entirely by yourself really can make all the difference to your sense of wellbeing

Lots of people I know with garden rooms see them as their escape pod. I do think this is exactly how I would use one too. I could imagine a little library of my own in my garden room, a reading lamp and a big comfy armchair. how blissful it would be.

I would, as a writer, also have a little desk and notebooks in an array of colours just waiting for my creativity to burst out. As Virginia Woolf said:

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”
Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own
Uses for a garden room


Hobbies make brilliant uses for a garden room

My sister uses her garden room to do her painting and she can have all the peace she needs, a place to store all her smelly, messy paints out the house and keep them away from her kids and pets. garden rooms can lend themselves very well to hobbies as they are private and accessible and outside the main house.,

If you have children, especially young children and fiddly hobbies – then this can be very useful – we all need a bit of space sometimes don’t we.


Well I would probably get my craft on in a garden room – spread my stuff everywhere and leave it out for no one to moan because the room would be mine – all mine! 




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