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Using Tech to Improve the Flow of Your Business

High-tech devices and functionality are advantageous in many businesses, but they’re often disregarded as complicated. While it is true that many first generations of new tech can be clunky and difficult to navigate, most of the platforms and systems available for businesses today are anything but. Decades of advancements in UI and UX have streamlined interfaces, and miniaturisation has allowed increasingly capable systems to fit in far smaller places.

Understanding and leveraging this ever-evolving world can both increase efficiency and reduce clutter. As a carry-on effect, less wasted time and space can allow you greater throughput, and even provide enhanced design possibilities with a location’s layout. History is full of examples of these approaches, and in the modern day, such implementation is becoming a necessity to stay competitive.

Opening Payment Systems

Some customers will always choose to pay with cash, and there’s not much that can be done with that. More recently, however, there are growing numbers of people adopting modern payment solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay as preferred options. Though their current use numbers can be low, new digital wallet comparison statistics show this won’t always be the case. Google Pay, in particular, is only used for 10.3% of in-store purchases right now, but it’s expected to see a 40% growth in the 2020-2025 period alone. The more of these which are adopted into a physical location the faster it is to make a purchase, and that’s something customers appreciate.


Using Tech to Improve the Flow of Your Business



“PayPal Balance on your mobile” (CC BY 2.0) by Monito – Money Transfer Comparison

The benefits of offering more options in payment aren’t confined to the physical space either, as online services also demonstrate considerable potential. Online betting websites are strong examples of this, where the best PayPal casino sites also tend to offer a selection of other popular payment methods. Services like Party Casino and HeySpin also include options like PayPal, Skrill, ecoPayz, and Neteller, alongside more traditional methods like credit cards in the payment line-ups.Even better, since many users come from mobile, the integration with mobile payment platforms can be simple and smooth.

The same can be true for any online business which wants to maximise its user base, where choice can make the difference between a customer coming in or leaving at the door.


Embracing Mobile Tech

Speaking of mobile tech, keeping your business completely up-to-date with online databases and systems is a must. This begins with the basic options of listing a business on Google and social media platforms, but more advanced approaches with newer forms of implementation can also be key.
One example which we constantly see implemented, and usually poorly, are updated stock numbers of the number of products which are kept in store. We all know the importance of footwear in your sports lifestyle, where research plays a huge part in narrowing down your choices. What anyone who does travelling will also tell you is that finding the right pair in a store in your size can be a nightmare. Keeping stock numbers and specifics like sizes updated and online can make the difference in where customers choose to visit, so if you can, try to keep this information available to the public.

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